Susanna's Dream

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Susanna's Dream

The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley, Book Two

I am a fan of novelist Marta Perry. I have read many of her novels and just recently enjoyed "Susanna’s Dream", the second book in the Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley series. I enjoy Ms. Perry’s books because her writing is so believable. She has the ability to make the reader feel what the characters are feeling and thinking. That is truly a gift.

Susanna Bitler has led a difficult life because of an injury that she believes keeps her from enjoying all that a young woman should. She has committed herself to her shop and seeks her fulfillment from that. Her partner in the business is an older woman whose son owns the shop itself and the bulk foods shop where most of the area residents shop. As his mother is getting older, he thinks that she should give up the shop. This leaves Susanna in a difficult position because she would have to buy her partner out, and her funds are non-existent. Added to the mix is the reality that Susanna is not really who she thinks she is.

Ms. Perry delights in providing plenty of situations that feed off each other and characters who are deeply intertwined. I enjoyed this book very much and will be looking for the rest of the books in the series.

Book Blurb for Susanna's Dream

As young girls, three Amish sisters were separated and told nothing about each other.  When the long-held secret of their parentage came to light many years later, two of the grown women reconnected.  Now they reach out to the third?

Susanna Bitler’s life is in complete turmoil. Still reeling from the death of her mother, she is further disheartened when her business partner hints that she is going to quit the gift shop they run together in a town near Pleasant Valley. But the biggest revelation is yet to come.

Grateful for their own hard-won relationship, Lydia Beachy and Chloe Wentworth are eager to reveal themselves to Susanna as her long-lost sisters.  But their news utterly distresses Susanna, who is heartbroken to learn that the woman she’s been mourning was not actually her mother.  Despite Lydia and Chloe’s best efforts to make amends, Susanna resolves to keep them at arm’s length. It may take a force of nature to sweep away her fears.  Will that storm demolish all that the three women most value?or unite them in bonds of deep and abiding affection?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00