Grace's Folly

“Grace’s Folly” by Kathleen Lawless was an historical western romance. It’s the story of Grace Abbott, who against her father’s wishes, has become a doctor and practices medicine in small towns in the west. She is always moving from town to town to thwart any Pinkerton agents from finding her. Her father is determined to find her. His idea of being a woman is that she stays at home and is coddled and kept free from any day to day problems. Grace has always wanted to be a doctor, so she finagles a way to do that and keep her father ignorant of that fact. She bribed an unknown drifter to marry her for money and forget about the marriage. She then told her father that she married a doctor and requests money from him so that she can start medical practices when she moves to new places. Now her father is getting older and she feels that she needs to go home. Of course, there is no husband.

Dex Abbott is a Pinkerton agent who is on her trail. He is shot while trying to stop a train robbery and is treated by Grace. She talks Dex into pretending to be her husband and a doctor and returning home with her for a visit. Of course he agrees because he can keep her under his radar until they get to her father’s house.

I liked this story; however it was not one of my favorites. I had a little problem with the fact that after a few hours, Grace decides to trust a stranger, travel with him, and spend days and nights with him with no idea of who he is or what he does. I also had a problem with the fact that they became physically involved so soon.

I would probably reluctantly recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast light read.

Book Blurb for Grace's Folly

Dr. Grace Abbot has deceived her father, who believes she stayed out East to become a proper doctor's wife. Now he wants her home, but if he learns she's the doctor, she may lose the inheritance to fund her passion, a women's clinic.

When a wounded stranger shows up at her Kansas City infirmary--with almost the same last name as the drifter she married to get her dowry money--Grace hits upon a wild scheme. This darkly handsome Mr. Abbott can pose as her doctor husband for the visit back home in California. She can view him as dispassionately as she would anyone. Can't she?

Pinkerton detective Dexter Abbott has found his client's willful daughter, and she's given him the perfect excuse to stick to her side while he returns her to her father. But his real problem begins when he doesn't tell her what his actual job is--and when being so close to her inspires longings Dex never expected in himself.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00