Rocky Mountain Valor

Rocky Mountain Justice

“Rocky Mountain Valor” will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next for Petra Sloane. Petra needs help because of a situation that she has been drawn into. She feels she doesn't have anyone else to turn to. So, she ends up turning to Ian Wallace. Ian is the man she once loved and still does down down. She left Ian because he was all into finding the Russian who had evaded him for years. He was all work!

Petra has been framed for a crime she didn’t commit. Ian will be there for her when she needs him most. Author, Jennifer D. Bokal takes the reader to the root of their problems. They have to deal with why Petra left him in the first place? Will Ian be the one to walk away this time?

I will say Petra did get on my nerves in that I didn't see her listening to Ian when he asked her to do certain things. Her life was on the line and now his was as well. Oh well, by the time we get to the end I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was coming next.

You’re in for a very interesting ending!

Book Blurb for Rocky Mountain Valor

In order to exact justice, one agent will do anything

A Rocky Mountain Justice story

Catching and killing a cruel drug lord is Ian Wallace’s obsession. So when his former lover, sports agent Petra Sloane, is charged with attempted murder, he sees how to connect her case with his, not how his heart will reconnect with hers. But as Petra’s life is threatened, Ian must decide between sworn revenge...and his true obsession.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 5.00