Cowboy Kisses

"Cowboy Kisses is a compilation of stories. This is my take on all six novellas.

"Cowboy Homecoming" by Cindi Myers

This was a sweet cute story of Kate Randolph who was living in Denver but had to come home to Cottonwood Corners, Colorado to help out with her ailing Dad. Upon arriving Kate finds out that there is a cowboy living on her parents property overseeing the ranch since her father had been ill. The reader can easily see how this story is going as Kate and the cowboy Jace come together. Will Kate be able to pick up her life after it was torn apart by her ex boyfriend Brent who had managed to take away her business in Denver? Now that Kate was back home would her sister Veronica convince her that selling the ranch would be best for them if something happened to their Dad? Will Kate finally see that she has more going for herself and all she needs to do is work on her plan? Will Kate be a 'city or country girl? And is their attraction worth working on? To get all of these questions answered and more you will have to pick up the "Cowboy Kisses" novella to find out. Yes, this was a good sweet heartwarming read.

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"Loving You From Afar" by RaeAnne Hadley

This is another good novella that features Ariana and her daughters Dove and Lisa. They are sad due to having to spend a holiday without their father who had passed due to an accident. Oh how Ariana missed her husband Ed and the girls their father. How will they spend a holiday season without him? Well, they decided they were going to a new Year's Eve party and it was there that they were introduced to Reese. Reese had let them know that he was told of this party by someone named 'Ed'. There will be many twists and turns, but in the end how will this stranger bring this family something so special to them in their lives? After an accident will this family be able to mend and start something new with this new person that was now in their lives? Well, you will just have to pick up "Loving You From Afar" to see that maybe there will be another new beginning for all...Ariana, Dove, Lisa and Reese. I loved how this author puts this story together that brought it all together so very well.

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"My Forever Cowboy" by Diane J. Reed

This was a good story where the author brought in magic. Avery just may get her wish. She wants a 'forever cowboy'. Will Grant Hollow was a PBR Champion. Will he be able to shed new light for heartbroken Avery? I loved how this author gives us some interesting characters... from Avery, Grant, Shae, Evangeline, Jubilee, June, Pearl and a few others. They made this a captivating read. To get the whole story you will just have to pick up "My Forever Cowboy" to see for yourself how well it is presented.

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"Say Nothing" by Autumn Piper

A lot has happened to Brooke. Will she be able to every speak well again? Well, after the invite to her cousin's ranch in Colorado and she meets Rowdy. They start texting and talking a little bit. Something is for sure developing between these two and you will have to pick up this story to find out more. The author does a wonderful job developing their relationship and putting it all out there.

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"Peyton’s Kiss" by Ann Anders

This was a little sad story in that Stella had come to Colorado due to her friend Corinne. Corinne was ill with cancer. Only there was Peyton, Corinne brother, who was a lonely cowboy. Readers have to question if he was ready for love? The other question is would Stella be able to except it after all had happened? What I liked about the story was how the author was able to give the readers a good read that flowed together so well with a good ending. Even though it was a sad story one can find life as a way of giving us 'silver linings' in the end.

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"Midnight Ride" by D’Ann Lindun

This was a very enjoyable and entertaining story that will keep your attention turning the pages. You will want to see what is coming next for Brynn and Annie Brooke as they went off on a camping trip. What a trip that ended up with a lots of action, suspense and even some romance. What will happen when the outlaw Waydell Spencer comes upon Brynn and Brooke? Will Sawyer Bennet, who was a sheriff posse member, be able to save Brynn and her daughter from this outlaw? What had happened in both of their lives that had caused them to wonder about love? What will happen when Brynn and Sawyer find that they have feelings for each other? Will these two get their HEA after all is said and done? Well, to find out all the answers to these questions you will have to pick up "Midnight Ride" to see how well this author brings it all out to the reader.

If you are into cowboy stories you have come to the right place with "Cowboy Kisses". It will give you all the cowboy you need.

Book Blurb for Cowboy Kisses

Cowboy Kisses

Six Romantic Tales of Colorado Cowboys

Cowboy Homecoming by Cindi Myers

After years in the city Kate Randolph has come home to take care of her ailing father, only to find local cowboy Jace Carpenter in charge of her father’s ranch. Jace isn’t sure what to make of Kate, but he’s dealing with big changes in his own life since his family ranch was sold. Can a prodigal daughter and a restless cowboy turn the bad hand life has dealt them into a winning combination?

Loving You From Afar by RaeAnne Hadley

Ariana thought her life was over when she lost her husband. But through a strange twist of events that brought a stranger into her and her children’s lives, she was starting to believe that maybe it was just the beginning.

My Forever Cowboy by Diane J. Reed

Just when you least expect it, love finds you forever.

Photographer Avery Smart refuses to believe in “forever cowboys” after her father died in a tragic rodeo accident, until professional bull rider Grant Hollow decides to shed new light into the darkroom of her heart.

Say Nothing by Autumn Piper

The best medicine doesn’t always come in pill form, but who knew it could be a scruffy, cranky cowboy?

After escaping from the psycho who held her prisoner for months, Brooke often suffers panic attacks when she tries to speak. When her cousin invites her to recuperate at his friends’ ranch in Colorado and help them care for their twin toddlers, she accepts. She’s got nothing holding her in Nebraska; her boyfriend went dark when she returned from captivity damaged.

For years since his engagement went belly-up, lead ranch-hand Rowdy has been non-relationship material. He feels a connection with Brooke, though, and she’s able to confide things in him she doesn’t trust her therapist with. He’s probably too old for her, and he’s sure once she recovers she’ll find someone better than him, but he’s content to take the time they have and help her until then.

When her successful ex rides back into the picture, Rowdy will have to decide: fight for Brooke, or give her the financially stable future she deserves.

Peyton’s Kiss by Ann Anders

No one ever promised Stella Fairchild that life would be fair. If it was, then her best friend wouldn’t be dying. A little girl wouldn’t be losing her mother. And a lonely cowboy would be ready for love. Under the blue skies of Colorado, however, fate has its own ideas. And maybe, just maybe, silver linings could be found hiding in the storm.

Midnight Ride by D’Ann Lindun

Can they escape peril and fall in love?

When Brynn Lockwood and her five-year-old daughter Brooke decide to camp in the Colorado Mountains the last thing they expect is to be taken hostage by a gunman. After suffering a devastating shooting, Sawyer Bennet moves to Black Mountain, Colorado, to recover. As a Sheriff’s Posse member, he is called out to find a dangerous criminal, but loses his heart instead.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 5.00