Always, 'Twas You

“Always, 'Twas You” is a romantic suspense novel that is sure to please romance readers.

This book pulls you in with adventure and mystery. You get a kidnapping, murder and more. Our hero (Connor) and heroine (Kaitlyn) are an interesting pair. They have known each other since childhood and have been more than friends. It’s been eight years since they have seen each other after Kaitlyn left Ireland for the USA. They loved each other. After eight years, do they still feel the same?

Author Jennifer Moore pulls us into this tale as these two are drawn back together due to the mysterious death of a loved one. I loved how the author tied this all to a mysterious pendent that Connor had given Kaitlyn many years ago. What a wonderful gift… that might lead to trouble for her.

When Connor tries to explain why he needs the pendent back he’s met with resistance as Kaitlyn won’t listen to him. There are misunderstandings and Connor is a government agent.

I truly enjoyed this story filed with mystery. Add this Irish adventure to your must-read list. Believe me, this is an adventure story with very complex characters and a believable end.

Book Blurb for Always, 'Twas You

With Connor Flynn's promises of a future together and an antique pendant clasped close to her heart, Kaitlyn Donovan left Ireland eight years ago. But they lost touch and her dreams of a lasting love died. Now that she's back, Kaitlyn won't risk her heart again. But fate has other plans. She and Connor reconnect and he realizes the pendant makes her a target.

As a government agent, Connor is conflicted between his duty protecting Kaitlyn and feelings he never got over. As the two race to find a centuries' old treasure, they discover first loves aren't easily forgotten.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2019 5.00