Jazmin is a werewolf who turned into a werewolf by an old lover. She lives on a compound in the middle of desert with other people who were turned into werewolves by the same werewolf who changed Jazmin. Something nasty is going on at the compound; people are dying and turning into werewolf forms after they die. What is going on at the compound?
Mrs. Scott has woven and entertaining tale full of passion and suspense. All of the characters are intelligent and fleshed out. I hope there is a follow up to this story because I could read more of these characters’ lives.

Book Blurb for Unleashed

The sequel to The Werewolf Whisperer!

Jazmine Carmichael is the leader of a pack of werewolves living in Eclipse, California. When two of the pack members die under mysterious circumstances, she's determined to get answers.

Blaze Petrofsky and two other researchers often played a game of what if. What if werewolves were real? They set about creating the virus, meeting failure after failure, until he buys an old trunk in an auction. In a small silver tin, he finds werewolf cream. One of his colleagues tries it out, and it works. Before Blaze can look for a cure, he's removed from the project and the government takes over.

Now, five years later, the nightmare has come back to haunt him when a beautiful, mysterious, sexy woman brings him a wolf to autopsy. A wolf who, on closer inspection, is human. When Jazmine is arrested, Blaze follows the clues she left behind, hoping to pay back the debt he owes for rediscovering and unleashing lyncanthropy. But is he too late to save the woman he's come to love?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.75