Ghost Unlaid

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Ghost Unlaid

Julie is a librarian who was told to go to this house and catalog the books there so they can be sold to the library. On her first day there she met a man who sounded Scottish and wore just a tunic that left his legs bare. Lulach is his name and he says he died 1,000 years-ago. He became King of Scotland after Macbeth died; however, he was king for only a few months before being assassinated. Julie and Lulach fall in love with each other but how can a human and ghost stay together?
Marie Treanor has a wonderful way of weaving together history and romance. It made the tale more interesting to read. The characters in the book had strong personalities that make a person feel welcome in reading it.

Book Blurb for Ghost Unlaid

Fantasy Faery Miniature
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 110
A rebellious librarian encounters the ghost of an ancient Scottish king... Rare book specialist, Julie Macbeth is sent to work on the Drummonds' private library in Edinburgh as a punishment. But in fact, she is delighted with the job and fascinated by Lulach, the charming eccentric who appears to live there. When Lulach claims to be the ghost of a thousand year old king, she's sure that he’s insane. But as she begins to fall in love, it breaks her heart to know that she should do everything in her power to lay his spirit to rest at last.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.75