Bite Me

Kyra, an American in Paris, is sitting at her computer trying to decide what to write about in her newspaper's column on what is hot in popular culture at the moment with a sarcastic bent. Her cat, Camelot, was curled into a little ball at the window. During this time of night, she could hear stuff going on in her apartment building. However before she could start writing again she gets a knock on her door and goes to answer it. There is handsome man, Leon, who tells her to open the door and let him in there. Kyra does not know him and tells him "No". He almost breaks the door down before she lets him and then Leon tells her she needs to run for her life because things are out to kill her. Vampires start coming up the stairs and Leon grabs Kyra and jumps out of the window with her cat. Who are these things that want to kill her and what is Leon?

This story is pretty good but it leaves you wondering about stuff that happens at the end: Did Kara make the right choice? Why is she having nightmares? The characters are interesting and entertaining. I just wish the ending was better.

Book Blurb for Bite Me

Kyra Burke is a thirty something cynical writer living in Paris, France when one night a vampire knocks on her door and changes her life forever. Caught between a battle of good and evil she must make the choice to live her life with her earth soul mate or become a vampire and be with who she thinks is her eternal soul mate.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.00