After the Fall

Roman Time Travel Series, #2

When I first started reading this book I thought it was just one author writing these stories. However, it turns out that I was wrong. Morgan O’Neill is the pen name shared by two authors: Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O’Neill Cordes. Both of these ladies write great Historical romance tales that combine a great romance story with thrilling action scenes that grab your attention from the very beginning of this story and keeps you interested in it to the end of it.

The authors have fashioned some of the best charismatic heroes and heroines I have ever read in a romance.

Magnus, one of the heroes in this story, is an honorable man who wants to serve a great ruler and not the depraved Roman Emperor, Honorius, he served in the previous story (Love, Eternally). He wanted to serve Princess Placida, Honorius’ virtuous sister, however, she was too young and never had control of the military except for the ones she had in Rome; she is the patron of that city. In the first tale Magnus left that depraved villain’s service for the woman he loves, Gigi. Gigi is the time-traveling heroine from the first story who came from our present era who was sent back in time when she wore Magnus’ ring and plaed a song on a gold flute. The authors have created this very lively, honorable, strong woman who has gotten caught up in a paranormal twist of fate.

Next, the Visigoths are back in this story to along with Randegund who is a foul, revengeful witch who believes in the old pagan gods of her ancestors while her children believe in a certain type of Christianity of that time, Arian.

Finally, the only problem I have with this story is that the sex scenes are not graphic enough for my taste :). In fact, they barely above the sensuality level of a safe romance! However, some of the torture scenes in this tale are very graphic and included among them are an almost rape on an unwilling female body and cuts put on a human male who is tied up.

Gigi and Magnus are back in this tale but this time they start out on the Visigoths side and are living in a home-made tent near the King and Queen of the Visigoths, Alaric and Verica. They are also still battling with Honorius, who wants them tortured for several days and then finally put to death with decapitation, and with Randegund. Alaric and Verica have been having problems with Honorius too; Honorius promised them land if they would fight with his legions in battles against other people and in exchange they would get a lot of money to buy themselves a whole country to live on since they are a roaming people. As usual, however, when it came time to get their money and land from Honorius, he kicked them out of the Western Roman Empire with nothing.

In this tale the Visigoths have surrounded the city of Rome and cut-off its supply routes until Honorius agrees to their demands. He doesn’t care about Rome and its people because he lives in another city in Italy, Ravenna. Princess Placida sends out an emissary to the Visigoths so they can come up with a way to end the siege. Alaric sends his second in command and his brother-in-law, Athaulf, to negotiate with Placida. Athaulf and Placida both fall in love with each other as soon as they meet. Can these two have relationship together with so many obstacles in their way or is it doomed from the start? Read the tale to find out!

Special Notes:

**This is Not a Stand-Alone tale since their still using characters that were created in the first tale!

**There is also a scene that alludes to an unwilling sodomy act on a male character. **

**This book needs to be read in order. Read after Love, Eternally**

Book Blurb for After the Fall

After the Fall ratchets up the tension as time traveler Gigi Perrin and her husband, the Roman warrior Quintus Magnus, join forces with the Visigoth King Alaric to march on Rome. There waits Princess Galla Placidia, the admirable sister of the despicable Emperor Honorius. About to be forced into an arranged marriage by her brother, Placidia fears a bleak future, trapped in a loveless union.

In an attempt to save Rome from barbarian invasion, Placidia puts aside her troubles and meets with Alaric's delegation, which includes Gigi and Magnus, and the king's second-in-command, the Visigoth prince, Athaulf. The attraction between Placidia and Athaulf is instantaneous and overwhelming, but theirs is a forbidden love, destined to fail because of implacable politics and impending war.

Bound by a friendship that transcends time, Gigi and Placidia must do whatever they can to protect the men they love, after the fall of Rome.

The Roman Time Travel Series needs to be read in order. (Love, Eternally / After the Fall / Return to Me)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00