A Willing Spirit

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A Willing Spirit

Micah Fox and Tessa Bright make a wonderful pair in this historical love story. Micah, an Indian accustomed to people using him and being discriminatory does not expect to find love anywhere. Tessa is a young widow who married at the age of seventeen and is constantly being visited by her husband's ghost, Will. His goal is to find her next husband.but Micah Fox, could not be that man. He has way too many faults to marry his beloved Tessa. However, Will's thoughts on who Tessa should marry are not stopping them from slowly falling in love.

Their love is one that takes quite some time to develop and will last for all time. Both unsure of each other, they must find a way to trust. Tessa has to learn that love is most important to her.more important than being accepted in her town. Micah has to learn to stop packing up and running away, because, sometimes there are things worth staying for. This historical romance is definitely worth reading. This book contains great elements of love, marriage, and tolerance.

Book Blurb for A Willing Spirit

Micah Fox shows up at Tessa Bright's ranch penniless, hoping to sell his saddle.

Tessa, a recent widow, has an arm in a cast and is in desperate need of a man to help with the chores.

Has Will, her passed on husband, given her a second chance at love? 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.25