The Warrior's Bride

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The Warrior's Bride

Lairds of the Loch, #3

Robert MacAulay is a skilled warrior who places duty before all else. Both his reputation and devotion to the king are reasons why Andrew MacFarlan is trying to marry off his daughter, Lady Muriella, to him. To Andrew’s surprise, Robert turns down his offer.

Lady Muriella, the youngest of the MacFarlan girls, has not been gifted the way her sisters are. Although she has been determined not to marry, she decides the idea might not be such a bad one after seeing her sisters so happily wed. When she discovers that Rob has turned her down, she needs to find a way to seduce him so she can turn him down.

Muriella’s plans doesn’t go as planned. Not only is she captured by her father’s enemy, she finds herself bound to Robert by mistake.

There is no denying the feelings that they share, but will they act upon it or will it be too late?

If you are looking for an engaging Scottish Romance you cannot go wrong with an Amanda Scott novel.

This is the third in Scott’s 'Laird of the Loch' series and I have to say I’m a bit said to bid adieu to the MacFarlan sisters. Each of them has been strong-willed and intriguing, but I was a little cautious when starting this book because in the previous books Muriella was a bit juvenile. Thankfully, she has grown up in this novel and there is no hint of the childish lass from the prior novels.

Robert was a fun hero. Gruff and determined, the type you know will automatically clash with the heroine and bring delight to readers everywhere.

The plot flowed fairly well and the Scottish brogue Scott used for her characters lent an authentic feel to the book.

Book Blurb for The Warrior's Bride

Robert MacAulay, heir to a powerful Baron, is known for being a skilled warrior with a strong sense of duty. His respectable reputation, along with his devotion to the king, is why Andrew MacFarlan and hope he'd agree to marry his youngest daughter, Lady Muriella. Though lovely, Lady Muriella is a bit impulsive, and Andrew believes she needs a man like Rob to tame her. But for reasons Rob refuses to share, he turns down Andrew's request and vows never to wed.

Lady Muriella never wanted to take a husband, but after seeing her two older sisters happily settled, she's beginning to think marriage may have its merits--especially if it means finding a husband as handsome as Rob. When she learns that Rob has refused her without even knowing her, she becomes determined to seduce him into changing his mind. Then she will be the one to say no to him.

Muriella's game change from dangerous to deadly when she's captured by her father sworn enemy Dougal. He wants to claim Muriella for himself as a way to take over the MacFarlan lands. As Rob plans a rescue, Muriella makes an escape attempt of her own--and lands them both in more trouble than either had anticipated. Finding themselves suddenly bound to one another, they begin to share their deepest secrets and finally give in to the passion they've been denying. But Dougal will not be so easily defeated. Will their new love be destroyed before it's even begun?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00