Gideon's Heart

Bound by Blood, The Legends Book III

Man, what a great book. I can't wait for Hawk's story. Hope I get a shot at it. I loved this tale. We get introduced to two great characters, Gideon and Katheryne.

Katheryne is ready to end it all, she has no one left. She makes the decision to face the morning and end her centuries of existence. Then we meet Gideon, he turns down an alley after hearing what he at first thought was a cat in pain. Come to find out its Katheryne, he brings her to his house thinking she was assaulted and he wants to keep her safe. Katheryne through Gideon finds a new family, with his friends, three of which are vampires, one previous vamp and his wife, and their family.

The stakes are raised when an enemy from the past comes to light and threatens Katheryne, her new family, and her new love. This story is a great ride full of fun and surprises.

Book Blurb for Gideon's Heart

Every night detective Gideon Hawks walks a dangerous beat through the streets of Savannah, but when he meets Katheryne Alastair, he discovers a new threat...this one to his heart. Her delicate, sensual features and old-fashioned clothing lead him to believe she is homeless. Against his better judgment, he takes her home. Katheryne, a vampire ready to end her existence, lies in wait for the approaching sunrise. But when the handsome detective attempts to help her, she finally finds peace within her heart. The heat of his touch triggers a blood lust she's kept dormant for centuries. Is it possible Gideon is her soul mate? When Gideon is mortally wounded, Katheryne cannot let him die. If she turns him, will he forgive her, or worse, walk away? Or will the eternal love she holds for him end the suffering of her centuries-old vampiric curse?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00