Dark Sins and Desert Sands

Mythica Series, #5

Even though this was the first time I have read this series, I had no problem following the story. Granted it is part of a series, but the impression I get is that each book can stand alone. I loved that the author used Egyptian mythology. With the popularity of Greek mythology, this was a welcome change.

This story revolves around Ray and Layla. Ray remembers everything that happened to him while he was imprisoned, to include repeated beatings and other various tortures, whereas Layla remembers nothing. Her mind is an endless, desolate desert with no memories to be found. Ray has developed the power to use people's minds against them. He finds a person's secret in the maze of their mind. Like the minotaur's of old, who hunted in mazes and eventually killed their prey. Layla has secrets and powers of her own. She just can't remember. Join Ray and Layla as together they try to unlock the secrets of her mind, and deal with their growing attraction to one another.

This is part of a series, but is a good standalone novel. The reader doesn't need to read the first in the series to enjoy this book. I am looking forward to reading the rest.

Book Blurb for Dark Sins and Desert Sands

Wrongfully accused and broken by torture, an American soldier transforms into a mind-controlling minotaur bent on revenge…only to fall in love with his beautiful but cool-eyed interrogator.

Ray Stavrakis is out for revenge. As an Arab-American soldier accused of treason, Ray was interrogated and tortured so brutally, he's been transformed into a monster of ancient imagination. He can enter the maze of other people's minds and learn their secrets--even get them to do his bidding. This is a power he intends to use on Dr. Layla Bahset, the woman who broke him.

But Layla is now working as a Las Vegas psychologist and she has a secret. She can't remember her past and she can't remember Ray. When he enters her mind, there is nothing but a Sandy desert, and he realizes that she's no ordinary woman. Layla and Ray become the target of a chase that is altogether other-worldly. Pursued by an Egyptian war god, Layla and Ray find their fates, and passions, increasingly entwined. And they learn that in a modern world in which the gods of old civilizations use mortals like playthings, they need each other to survive.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00