Viking Unchained

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Viking Unchained

Viking II, book 8 - Note: thought part of a series, it may be read as a stand-alone

Betrayed by his wife, who left him for another man, and taking his infant son. Thorfinn Haraldsson has no trust in the opposite sex. But when he first sets eyes on Lydia he feels and unexpected pull, and soon finds himself following her home and eventually chained to her bed.

Lydia Denton is still grieving the loose of her Navy SEAL husband, who died in combat five years earlier. Raising her young son alone, she vows to never get involved with a military man again. She is shocked by her first sight of Thorfinn, but soon is taking him home and becoming his willing love slave.

Thorfinn is an eleventh century Viking who has unexpectedly come to the future, fortunately for him he already has some family members in the present that can help him acclimate to modern times. But is he willing to take a chance on love and family? Can Lydia cope with the emotions of being involved with another military man?

VIKING UNCHANED is a light-hearted read, with an emotional depth that I was not expecting. Sandra Hill has truly outdone herself, writing a deeply emotional story, while keeping her trademark humor intact, which in no way detracts from the seriousness of the issues involved. You may wonder how a book can be light and deep at the same time, my only reply is that I don't know, but that is exactly what Ms. Hill has done.

When I first read the blurb for this book, I was hesitant to read it, but seeing how I've enjoyed everything else by Ms. Hill, I took a chance, and it payed off. Thorfinn is an infuriatingly male chauvinist pig, and I absolutely loved him! His unabashed sexist comments and arrogance should have made him an unattractive hero, instead I found myself drawn to him. In the fiction world, this works well, in the real world, I would hate his guts. Lydia was able to deal with his attitude well. And boy was the passion HOT between them. The baggage Lydia and Thorfinn carry into their relationship is heavy, and I really didn't believe that it could be resolved, but it was in a most satisfactory way.

Book Blurb for Viking Unchained

Sandra Hill unleashes her best novel yet. Searching for his little boy, 11thcentury Viking Thorfinn lands in modern times, where he stumbles upon a dead wringer for his cheating ex-wife. Single mom Lydia Denton mourns the loss of her SEAL husband. Then she meets a man who resembles him. Despite Thorfinn’s strange accusations, Lydia finds it impossible to ignore the chemistry between them. And as she gets to know this handsome Viking, she can’t help but wonder whether two souls, separated by time, have found their way back together.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50