Tempted by the Night

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Tempted by the Night

When Hermione Marlowe found “Milton's Ring” on the floor of the ballroom, her intention was to return it to her new sister-in-law.  What she didn't realize is the ring she had found was full of magic, enough to fulfill her greatest wish.  So when she wished to be invisible from dusk till dawn, to learn all the secrets of Thomas, the Earl of Rockhust and to gain his heart, she never dreamed that she would literally become invisible. 
Not one to let an opportunity pass her by, when she realizes that she is now unseen by all, she decides to follow Rockhurst into the night, to prove that he is more than just a rake with not a care in the world, out seeking pleasure in London's most disreputable locales.  What she discovers is the stuff of nightmares and Rockhurst is the white knight to save her.  But will he be tempted enough to discover his “Shadow's” identity, and allow her into his world?
I do so love surprises, and what I discovered behind the cover of TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT was an exceptionally pleasing surprise! I was expecting another pleasant Regency romance, with some slightly magical elements from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Boyle, but what I got was an astonishing twist.  Ms. Boyle integrated many paranormal elements, such as demons, a slayer and another realm of reality with her Regency story, and I loved it. One thing I really liked about this book, is that while demons played an intricate part of the book, it wasn't heavy on the gore, it was able to keep mix humor, sensuality and many of the other elements I love to follow through a Regency romance, the “ton”, balls, rules of society (made to be broken, of course), the chase and subsequent capture of love, etc...
Hermione was a very likable character, she is very sure of herself, in most aspects of life, even though she knows her family, herself included, is rather eccentric.  I really liked the way her invisibility was worked throughout the tale, and how she became Rockurst's “Shadow”.  Rockhurst, was a hero that I really enjoyed following as he went from being a loner, to all of a sudden having someone personally important to him to protect,  someone that wanted to be a partner with him.  I really loved how their relationship played out, keeping everything rather mysterious between them, seeing his struggle to find out who she really is and her keeping her identity safe, and of course when they were finally at a point to declare their love for each other.
As I've so greatly enjoyed this story, and following the humorous Marlow family quirks, I look forward to Griffin's story.  I can't wait to see how he makes Milton's Ring work for him.

Book Blurb for Tempted by the Night

This time Hermione Marlowe gets her chance at happiness--but like every wish, hers is quite unexpected when she accidentally turns herself invisible. How's a girl to meet the earl of her dreams when he can't even see her?

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Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.75