Slow Heat

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Slow Heat

Wade O'Riley, the sexy, smooth- talking catcher for Santa Barbara's the Heat, can't talk himself out of this latest situation. After a woman alleges she's expecting his baby, he's ordered to stop his shenanigans and to clean up his image, with the help of team publicist, Samantha McNead. The two are ordered to play boyfriend and girlfriend for the next month. Thing is, these two have already played together, with a hot encounter in a stalled elevator a year earlier. Now they can no longer avoid each other, and find themselves unable to escape their combustible passion. But when the month is up, can they each go their separate ways?


SLOW HEAT was a fast-paced, engaging tale filled with love, laughter, sexual tension and delightfully appealing characters. Sam and Wade's scorching desire for each other was intertwined throughout the story, and when they came together smoke curled off the pages. Sam was uptight and struggled with letting her guard down, while Wade was laid back and fairly easy going, but he too held himself back. Both had some serious relationship hang-ups caused by their families. I liked that both were forced to come face to face with their family problems and that they would not be easily resolved, but they both seemed willing to work on it. It added emotional depth to an otherwise light read.

I was disappointed that nothing really came out from the woman who claimed to be carrying Wade's baby, it was just the plot device to bring him and Sam together, then nothing else was really heard from her. I feel that if a plot device is there, it should be used for more of the storyline. But on that note, I did feel that most of the side-characters were well rounded and the rest of the storyline smooth-flowing and well-resolved.

This was my first time reading Jill Shalvis' work, but it won't be my last.

Book Blurb for Slow Heat

After a woman claims she’s pregnant with Wade O’Riley’s love child, Major League Baseball’s most celebrated catcher and ladies’ man is slapped on the wrist by management and ordered to improve his image. His enforcer is the team’s publicist, the tough and sexy Samantha McNead.

When Wade needs a date for a celebrity wedding, Sam steps up to the plate as his “girlfriend.” But given her secret crush on him and that one awkward night a year ago in a stuck elevator with too much scotch, the whole thing is an exercise in sexual tension.

Wade is thrilled when the pretense turns into an unexpected night of hot passion. But the next day Sam is back to her cool self. As a catcher, Wade’s used to giving the signals, not struggling to read them. Now, to win the love of his “pretend” girlfriend, he needs a homerun–even it involves stealing a few bases…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50