Love in the Afternoon

Hathaways Series

Beatrix Hathaway is the wildest of the Hathaway clan, she much prefers the company of her menage of animals than the people of society. It's been said that “She's more suited to the stables than the drawing room.” Though not really far from the truth, it was hurtful nonetheless. Captain Christopher Phelan, may have once uttered those words, but war has a way of changing people, but then again, maybe not so much.

When Beatrix begins writing to Christopher it is only out of kindness, she doesn't even sign her own name. As time goes on more than words are written, feelings become captured in heart of the letters. But Christopher thinks another is writing their love, and would never fathom the strange Hathaway girl of penning such poignant messages. Will he find the true author of the love letters, or will he be fooled?

What a beautiful love story LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON turned out to be. The romance of the letters between Christopher and Beatrix was so sweet and enchanting, while the heat of passion and the sparking conflicts between these two people who where so different from one another, was captivating. I couldn't put this book down once I began.

Beatrix knew that she would have to let Christopher go if he couldn't discover the truth, and while it was sad, I was most definitely pleased with the way everything played out. I loved watching as Christopher learned to love and accept not only Beatrix, but also her love of animals and family. The Hathaway clan is always a riot, their antics kept me in stitches, though they never overtook the story from Christopher and Beatrix. The focus was solely on them, with sprinkles of Hathaway siblings and Beatrix's pets here and there. I was please with how Ms. Kleypas pulled everything together, even if she had me a bit concerned of Christopher's choices, but he managed to have everything pulled together by the end of the book.

Lisa Kleypas is always and auto-buy for me, whether she's writing historical or contemporary. I eagerly await her next book, though while I'm waiting I will pick up some of her back list to revisit some old friends.

Book Blurb for Love in the Afternoon

Captain Christopher Phelan has been corresponding with the beautiful golden-haired Prudence Mercer while he was away fighting in the Crimean War. What he doesn't know, however, is that the woman who wrote to him is actually Prudence's best friend, Beatrix Hathaway.
Upon his return home to Hampshire, it becomes clear that Christopher's experiences in war have changed him.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00