Dark Viking

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Dark Viking

Steven of Norstead finds little pleasure in life since the mysterious disappearance of his brother Thorfin. He has lost his enthusiasm in life and the running of his estates. When his friends suggest they go a-Vikinging to cheer him up, he's game. What he doesn't expect is the strange sea creature he discovers in his fjord at the end of his trip. He is perplexed by the ugly beast, when the creature turns into a beautiful woman with some very peculiar ideas he knows but one way to stop her talking.

Daredevil Rita Sawyer never backs down from a challenge. The former stuntwoman couldn't resist the temptation to join the elite Navy SEALS. When a training accident goes awry, leaving her stranded back in time with a sexy stubborn Viking, she knows life has just thrust her into a new thrilling adventure.


I love Sandra Hill's time-traveling Vikings! Steven and Rita are well matched in their adventurous personalities and their steaming passion and chemistry, which clicked beautifully together. It was fun watching them learn how to be a couple, to watch them fall in love and realize a future with each other. Hilarity ensued from the first page and continued on throughout the entire book. Ms. Hill also mixed in enough raw emotions to make my eyes burn with a bit of sadness or irritation at some of the situations Steven put Rita through. But that only lasted a few mere moments before she lightened up the story, and had me laughing again. I also liked that Rita was able to give Steven some peace with his missing brother, and help him to learn to live and enjoy life again.

I'm sad that Ms. Hill is taking a hiatus from her time-traveling Vikings, but I can understand that she doesn't want to become stale. I hope she returns to them in the not so distant future. One of my favorite parts of (any) series is catching glimpses of past characters and seeing hints of possible future romances. Regardless I am looking forward to her upcoming books, no matter what the sub-genre, as she is an author I can always turn to when I need a good book and a good laugh.

Book Blurb for Dark Viking

Rita, a former stunt woman, can't believe she signed up to be a female Navy SEAL. She needed the signup money to pay her mother's medical bills. 
Steven, a fierce Viking warrior is depressed over the "death" of his brother Thorfinn. Yep, even Vikings get the blues. 
Rita can't believe she's been tossed back in time to the tenth century wearing a head-to-toe wetsuit and flippers with her face cammied up. 
Steven can't believe the gods have sent him a fish woman to ease his woes. Not a beautiful mermaid, but an ugly-as-death fish. 
How dare the brute put her in a cage! 
How dare the wench teach his people line dancing! 
Love and laughter guaranteed in this trip down Memory Lane...uh Fjord. 
NOTE: This book was previously titled EVEN VIKINGS GET THE BLUES

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00