Lingerie and Lariats

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Lingerie and Lariats

Rough and Ready

Here’s another great book by Cheyenne McCray, her latest in the series about the Camerons. I couldn't put this book down, I had to finish it. I love me some western cowboys who think they are in charge. And of course they are all sexy and looking hot.

Dan Cooper is a hot sheriff who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to let Renee know it. Renee remembers Dan from childhood and has had a crush on him since then.

Renee comes back to her home town where she has good memories. She spent her childhood there. She brings her boyfriend along with her, but he’s bad news. She visits with the Camerons and sees old friends from when she was there. She wants to stay longer but her boyfriend is only interested in his investment. Dan realizes something is wrong in Renee's relationship and tells Renee if there's anything she needs to let him know.

Book Blurb for Lingerie and Lariats

Renee Winfield returns to southern Arizona where she spent her happiest years as a child with the Camerons before being whisked away to another state. She runs into her childhood crush, Dan Cooper, who’s now the county sheriff.

Instant attraction sparks between Renee and Dan but there’s one problem. Renee has traveled to Arizona with her boyfriend, Jerry, who’s also her financial manager.

With verbal abuse from Jerry escalating, Renee feels like her life is unraveling and wonders how she could ever have had feelings for him. So kind and supportive in the beginning, Jerry’s behavior and unseemly activities are proving it was all a mask. When she sees Jerry for who he really is, she’s ready to head out the door. Problem is that as her financial manager, he has control of her money.

Dan rescues Renee from what has turned out to be a nightmare, which is only getting worse by the minute. Jerry has been using her money to buy shipments of illegal drugs but no one can prove it.

The only light for Renee is having Dan in her life and the growing love between them.

But Jerry isn’t ready to let go…of Renee’s money. Unknowingly she signed a paper that makes him her sole beneficiary. She’s worth more to him dead than alive. Dan’s love and protection, and Renee’s will to live, might not be enough.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00