A Navy SEAL's Surprise Baby

Harlequin American Romance 1466 - Operation: Family

This was a fun and sexy contemporary. If you enjoy baby themed romances then add this one to your list. Pandora, Calder and the baby are going to wiggle their way into your heart.

A Navy SEAL's Surprise Baby is a great read about a woman who has overcome her demons from childhood and adulthood when she hit rock bottom.

Our Hero: I'm glad that our hero Calder steps up and accepts his responsibilities as a man and father. I know it was hard.

Our Heroine: Pandora had to hit rock bottom before she learned her lesson and had to work hard to get her own daughter back. She worked hard to get her daughter back by doing whatever had to be done and I admire her for doing so. Sometimes we are misguided in life and go the wrong way and lucky for her she was given another chance.

Calder was a Seal and never knew when he was going to be called to go on a mission. He was single, a player and loved living that life. Imagine one day waking up with a baby on your doorstep saying that the mom had enough and didn't want to be a mom. That you didn't know why she was leaving that baby there. Calder needed someone to help him, his family lived out of state.

In comes a recommended nanny service and therefore Pandora. She worked as a nanny and was wonderful with children. The baby took a liking to her instantly. She worked hard and went over and beyond her duties of nanny. But she also had to hide her feelings and concentrate on her goal.

Calder started to feel like he wanted to be home more with the baby and Pandora. He wanted them to be more until he finds out what happened with Pandora and tells her to leave. Will they overcome their problems? Will they come together as a family?

I understand Calder feeling the way he did and being upset with Pandora, but he trusted her with his son and saw what type of person she was. I understand Pandora's reasons for not telling him to. She had been through so much, but I kind of found it hard to believe she only had to do little to get her daughter back. It was heartbreaking to read about. I can't imagine being that low and having my daughter taken away from me. Here once again you have a sexy alpha male, who knows what he wants. He just needs to overcome his fears and go with his heart.

Book Blurb for A Navy SEAL's Surprise Baby

He Needs Her 

Fatherhood is the last thing on navy SEAL Calder Remington's mind. On the job, he's a hardworking hero; in civilian life, he's a carefree bachelor. When he finds a baby—his baby—on his doorstep, he's got no choice but to be a dad. He needs help, and that's where super-nanny Pandora Moore comes in. She's perfect in every way. Calder can't deny that he's powerfully attracted to her. 

But she's his employee, which puts her strictly off-limits. And though Pandora may seem perfect, she becomes evasive whenever talk turns to her past. Calder can't help wondering if she's hiding something. He never imagines that the truth may tear them apart—just as they dare to imagine a future together.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50