Ever the Same

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Ever the Same

Soul Mate Chronicles # 1

Ben Mitchell has been carrying a torch for Rachel Alton for a long time. He watched her date his best friend and then waltz out of his life all-together after high school. Now a federal agent, Ben is about to reunite with some old friends in a town he used to call home only to find to his surprise that Rachel has returned as well and that old torch flame is immediately reignited. He tried to keep emotion out and suppress the almost overwhelming feeling of his desire for her to protect their friendship, but her mere presence is too much. After an unexpected heated night of unimaginable pleasure, Ben is equal parts consumed with feelings for Rachel and concerned by her mysterious departures and behavior. There's just one thing he knows for sure. he's not letting her disappear again.

Suspenseful and erotically thrilling, Ms. Romine has managed to create one mother of a fast-paced mystery. The characters are fleshed out just enough to create a surface connection with the reader leaving plenty left to be discovered in upcoming installments to the series. There is just enough back-story to form the friends and (until now) unexplored romantic connections between Ben and Rachel with snippets of Rachel's double life, but then we're back in the dark for the most part much like Ben. The mystery increases with each paranormally charged encounter until the end where I find myself still trying to figure out all that had happened, but the unpredictability is so well done I will absolutely be on the hunt for book two when it releases.

The Soul Mate Chronicles will quite literally keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you hot and bothered for a couple that you just know were meant for one another. Both lead characters are strong willed and I can't wait to find out more about their ever-growing connection as well as move past that very cliff-hanger ending. Readers ready for a dramatic start to a new paranormal romance mystery, should absolutely settle in to read this one!

Book Blurb for Ever the Same

Fifteen years ago thirty men, women, and children, were found in a small California field. Twenty-three of them were dead of an unknown cause, seven survived. Now the seven survivors are dying one by one.

Rachel Alton returned to Whitten's Grove for one reason and that was to prevent a massacre. Her attendance at the local wedding of two of her best friends was just for fun. She never expected her reaction to seeing Ben Mitchell again. Without warning, he awakens her dormant heart, giving her hope for the future and she struggles to turn away. The clock is ticking as Rachel alone fights against the inevitable, but when forces from beyond throw Ben into the middle of the fight, will she walk away, or sacrifice herself to prevent a tragedy from happening twice? 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75