Burning Darkness

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Burning Darkness

Offspring Series, #4

“Burning Darkness” book 4 in the “Offspring” series by Jaime Rush delivers a fast paced novel that is sure to delight the paranormal as well as the science fiction reader. Brimming with conspiracy theories, paranormal anomalies and some deliciously hot and steamy interludes, “Burning Darkness” is a must read!

Ms. Rush has really designed a very complex and unique universe in her “Offspring” series. I will admit that this is the first book in the series that I have read and found it to be a smorgasbord of paranormal and science fiction delight. The tone that the novel uses to convey its story-line is so smooth and evenly written that the story is a breeze to read. “Burning Darkness” features an eclectic cast of characters who each plays some type of pivotal role in the novel and really add to the dynamics of the tale. A reader will really appreciate the level of detail that Ms. Rush has tooled as the novel progresses. There are a few times that some items seemed thrown out of left field and appear bazaar in their inclusion, but those aspects really work to make the novel fun and exciting. "Burning Darkness" is absolutely a mind blowing reading adventure; It hooks a reader from the first page and keeps its story alive through concise, deeply developed character portrayals and some ingenious plot twists.

The novels main characters, Fonda Raine and Eric Aruda seem to be cut from the same cloth; some of the most influential decisions and event in their lives are almost mirror images of themselves; this is an aspect that I really enjoyed about the novel. The way the story unfolds really allows a reader to get to know each of its players; Ms. Rush’s prose in the retelling of some of the characters circumstances really adds a depth to their lives and allows the reader to become immersed in their plight.

I love how Fonda is no screeching violet in her initial determination to see her mission to the end. The entire scene when she attempts her mission is extremely erotic in nature and is sure to leave a reader wanting more. There are so many sides to Fonda, some good and some not so good; she is truly a product of her environment, her upbringing and her own vulnerabilities. Her sensitivity to other less fortunate is one of the qualities that I love about her. The struggles of her character are twofold and play heavily in her interaction with Eric Aruda and others. I just love her internal struggles to distance herself from Eric with an icy exterior, while battling her own inner demons to resist her attraction to him.

Eric Aruda is an alpha and leader with a heart of gold for his family and companions. Yet he is also a ruthless killer, whom has suddenly gained a conscience; what an interesting combination. Plagued by what he perceives as the beginning of possible psychosis Eric is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Distracted by a tempting beauty that he describes as a succubus, Eric is about to enter a battle for not only his life, but the lives of all he holds dear. I love how even before he knows it, he is willing to put his life in jeopardy to save Fonda.

The novel’s pace really plays well in showcasing the growing admiration and respect, the affection and desire that the two vehemently try to deny. The sexual tension between the two systematically intensifies as the novel progresses, skyrocketing into a much anticipated explosion. A reader will be salivating waiting for the moment when Eric unleashes his hold on his desire.

Apart from the main plot of the novel is the deep Intermingling of an “X-File” style paranormal science fiction mixed bag of tricks that delivers some outrageous, yet enjoyable twists.

I really enjoyed “Burning Darkness” and and could not put it down. I highly recommend it and can’t wait to read the other 3 previous installments.

Book Blurb for Burning Darkness

Trained assassin Fonda Raine has her sights locked on Eric Aruda, one of the rogue Offspring-a pyrokenetic who can create fires at the merest thought. But Fonda has powers of her own, and her ability to project an astral self enables her to go exactly where she wants to be-into Eric's bed.

Eric is stunned by the inexplicable affection of his mysterious enchantress, unaware that Fonda plans to seduce him and then eliminate him. But the game changes radically with the arrival of an assassin from hell with orders to destroy them both. And suddenly Fonda and Eric have only two choices: join forces or go down in flames.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00