Sometimes Mine

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Sometimes Mine

Responsible and driven, Genie Toledo, a forty-something divorcee who’s a cardiologist, is a work-a-holic.

When she’s introduced to Mick Crabbe, a confident, attractive college basketball coach, they develop an instant bond. That night they become lovers. Perfect, right?

If only he weren’t married.

When Mick asks to see her again, Genie can’t resist. Aside from talking on the phone, they set up weekly trysts in a hotel room. Their relationship goes on like this for years.

For Genie, it works. She’s so busy, she’d be neglectful of someone who needed more time. Mick’s her weekly break, the only time she shuts off her pager and cell phone.

What we know about Mick is that he’s as loyal to his team as she is to her practice.

Though Mick never speaks ill of his wife, Genie assumes they’ll end up together.

When Mick’s daughter has heart trouble, he asks Genie to help. While treating his daughter, Genie learns more about the inner-workings of the Crabbe family. She begins to understand Mick’s connection to home is deeper than she’d imagined.

So what will happen when Mick is forced to choose between life, death, his team, his wife and his mistress?

I loved the rich, emotional depth of Sometimes Mine. If you believe life is complex and that all people have different needs, it’s easy to imagine Mick and Genie’s contentedness. They provided for each other perfectly what each lacked in their lives.

Genie needed intimacy and a confidant. Mick needed a woman that was closer to him intellectually and sexually than his wife. That doesn’t forgive their deceit, it just explains it.

I like how Ms. Moody wrote the entire story from Genie’s perspective. Mick’s character was revealed to us through her eyes. However, her style of fitting narrative backstory through real-time scenes, was a complex way of revealing the story. Even so, the story was vibrant and well-done. I feel like I know and like these two people flaws and all.

Book Blurb for Sometimes Mine

From the author of the runaway bestseller Best Friends comes an engaging new novel of love, loss, and enduring friendship.

Forty-something Genie Toledo has compensated for the mistakes she's made by throwing herself into her work as a top cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio, and holding everyone-including her college-age daughter-at arms' length. Only Mick Crabbe-the charming, famous, married college basketball coach with whom she's had a decade-long affair-can penetrate her shell. That is, until an unexpected turn of events forces Genie to realize just how dependent she is on him and the other people in her life.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25