Jolene Dubois is a recovering alcoholic who works in her family's casino. When her mother gets remarried and goes on an extended honeymoon, running the family business falls to Jolene and her brother. When an intruder breaks into her home, Jolene, who's been feeling paranoid anyway, fights her desire to drink.

Little does she know her worry is well-founded because a serial killer, who hates boozing women, has set his sights on her.

Hearing about the break in, Jake, the new head of the casino's security team steps in to help.

The fact Jolene drives him crazy with lust makes his job hard. They begin a sexual relationship. When it becomes clear Jolene is in danger, Jake takes precautions, like filming her office. Jolene doesn't like his intervention, and fights to maintain her newly won independence.

Will Jake and law enforcement officials be able to stop the serial killer before he gets Jolene? Will Jolene, taunted by the killer and her addiction, hold it together?

Addiction is as gritty as its title. While Jolene is a hard worker, she's on the wild side and unpredictable. Many times she made poor choices about her own safety, purposefully thwarting those who are protecting her.
Unfortunately, I had a hard time relating to her. That said, I did enjoy the unusual casino backdrop.

Book Blurb for Addiction

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Heat Level: Carnal

Two men are after the same woman but for very different reasons.

Dark-haired beauty, Jolene Dubois has a serious problem, and it’s not just battling alcoholism.  Late at night, she receives whispered calls.  “Jolene, I want you. I’m coming for you.”  Shivers climb up her spine and ice flows in her veins. What does he want? Who is it?  She must figure it out before she trusts the wrong person.

Jake Farrell, the handsome rogue is an operator with women, but is he hiding something dark and terrible under his cheery facade. The detective, Andy Martin, who investigated her father’s murder, continues to ask her out. Les Voodré, an alcoholic she met at AA follows her everywhere, and Ron Keisler, her AA sponsor is always there when she needs him. Could her caller be one of these men?

To further complicate her life, she fights a host of addictions alcoholism, smoking, gambling and sex. Jolene is determined to beat the alcohol and to stay out of the clutches of the fiend who phones her.


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00