Love in Flames

Spells, Secrets and Seductions, Book 3

Love in Flames is the third installment in the Spells, Secrets and Seductions series. Although a short read, this book delivers quite a punch. This book is focused on the third friend in the Spells trio, Esther, and is a bit of a departure from the first two books. We learn in this book that Esther is actually the reincarnation of her ancestor also named Esther who lost her husband in a fire on her wedding day. This has given our present day Esther a fear of commitment that is bigger than a phobia. Esther is drawn to Ryan Jameson, but he is a fireman and Esther isn't willing to risk that kind of loss or fear again.

However, Ryan who is the reincarnation of the first Esther's groom, isn't willing to take no for an answer. He's searched the world over for the woman who haunts his dreams and he knows if she's just willing to give him a chance that this time things will be different. Convincing Esther is quite a battle though.

N.J. Walters delivers an emotional and endearing tale of lost love and second chances. Her characters are well drawn and the story is one that will end up haunting the reader long after the book is finished. The romance between Esther and Ryan is hot and sensual, and as Esther starts to face her fears readers will find themselves rooting for Esther and Ryan to find a way to conquer the past and restore their future.

Book Blurb for Love in Flames

A love to last a lifetime…or a dream turned to ash?

When Esther goes along with her friend’s candle-magick spell, it’s not because she wants a lover. But a good old-fashioned one-night stand could be just what she needs to get her mind off Ryan Jameson. Having lost her father in the line of duty, she has no plans to lose her heart to a firefighter.

Not that Ryan doesn’t heat up her nightly dreams. Those erotic fantasies invariably end in deadly flames—a still-smoking echo of her ancestral namesake, whose wedding day ended in the fiery loss of her husband. A man whose dying breath was a promise to one day find his beloved.

All his life, Ryan’s dreams have taken him backward in time. As he matured, so did those dreams—erotic fantasies of a woman he loves but has yet to meet. Then he finds her in Burnt Cove. But she’s not only holding him at arm’s length, she refuses to acknowledge their time-proof bond.

On a magical Samhain night, undeniable desire is stronger than the walls around her heart. But time has one last test for them—one that will meld them into one, or drive them apart forever.

Warning: This book contains a simple candle-magick spell, a hunky fireman, past lives, lost lovers and enough heat to start a bonfire.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00