Finding Chrissten

Legacy, Book 5

Finding Chrissten was a good read, I really enjoyed it.

Chrissten has been kidnapped and held captive by an evil geneticist and has been raped repeatedly by the werewolf henchman that is working with the doctor. Her brother has been looking for her since she was taken and has help from the Haven pack. Hank is with the Haven pack and has been drawn to Chrissten's scent since he first smelled it. He doesn't care that she is mated to someone else right now, it was forced. They are able to find and rescue Chrissten but her mate gets away. Hank knows that he can't try anything with Chrissten, he just wants to know that she is safe, finally, and that she will stay safe, so he stays by her side as much as he can. Chrissten is also drawn to Hank though she doesn't know why. She feels safe with him.

The characters in this book were well written and there are no contradictions that I found in this book or from the previous ones in the series. Chrissten has a lot to work through but she does not give up. She is very strong and real. I really liked Hank and the way that he treated Chrissten. The storyline is amazing and will pull you in from the beginning and hold you there till the end. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next and how they were going to help Chrissten and get her mate so that she could be truly free. The plot flowed well throughout the story. The sex is explicit but not overly so and it is not a main focus of the story. Hank and Chrissten have already developed feelings by the time that anything happens because of what Chrissten has been through. It added to the story because it showed the progress that Chrissten was able to make and how deep the relationship was between Hank and Chrissten. This is part of a series, the 5tj book. I would recommend reading the previous books, especially the 4th before reading this one. They are pretty interconnected though you could read this and not be horribly confused. But you will miss out on stuff if you don’t read them in order.

Book Blurb for Finding Chrissten

She escaped hell. Now love must capture her heart.

For eighteen horrific months, Chrissten Lawton was at the mercy of a crazy doctor and his pureblood werewolf flunky. She was subjected to experiments, beaten, mated against her will…and fading fast.

Just as she reaches the breaking point, the Haven pack comes to her rescue. Although any strange male makes her nervous, one of her rescuers stays by her side night and day, and something within her responds to this wolf’s gentleness.

From the moment Hank Brewer picked up Chrissten’s unique scent, he’s been driven to help her overcome her trauma-fed fears. He may be a half-breed, but he never does anything halfway. As he dedicates every waking moment to her healing, their fragile link leads them toward something they both hesitate to name.

But the danger isn’t past. Chrissten’s mate is still on the loose and he won’t rest until she—and the rest of Haven’s females—are taken for the cruel enjoyment of his rogue pack. Even though Hank would give his life to save her, the biggest challenge lies ahead. Admitting their love to each other.

Warning: This book contains an evil doctor, a crazy pureblood werewolf, a dysfunctional family, hunky werewolves, hot, sweaty sex, a daring rescue and a love that will make your heart sing.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00