We Kill Dead Things

Zombie Exterminators Series, Book One

Sommer Marsden's Zombie Exterminators are a group of four mall food court workers who fall into a new line of business when an infestation of the walking dead begins. The first short book, We Kill Dead Things, is told from Poppy's point of view. She is a kick-ass chick who is just as tough as the guys she hangs with. Garrity, Noah, and Cahill are those lust-inducing guys.

Gory descriptions of zombie attacks and hot and sexy love scenes are balanced out with examples of twisted humor and true caring between the exterminators. There is also sadness. These people are not killing for fun, and they don't enjoy having to do it - even if they are re-killing people who have already died. I must admit - to my great surprise - that I really love this story and can't wait to read the next installment. I want to know what happens with all four of these fighters, and I hope Ms. Marsden keeps them as likeable and smart as they are here. I also hope she makes the next story longer, since I like them all so much. Really entertaining, and it is certainly recommended.

Book Blurb for We Kill Dead Things

CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Horror.
ELEMENTS: Erotic descriptions of sex, Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence, Gore, M/M Interaction.
LENGTH: Novella

Poppy thinks her life is weird working the food court at Parktowne mall, until in one brief moment of creeper killing, things change forever. Now she's a freelance zombie exterminator along with her long lusted after co-worker Garrity (her not-so-secret crush), a somewhat lusted after bad boy Cahill, and pretty gay boy Noah.

When the four are hired to do a ballsy zombie clean up at St. Peter's Hospital, Poppy finds out just what's more scary than creepers: The Evoluminaries, a zealot cult who think zombies are part of God's chosen, who happen to end up thinking Poppy might make a mighty good zombie incubator. She finds herself finally sleeping with Garrity, being hunted by a crazy preacher man and stumbling over the fact that Cahill and Noah have become lovers somewhere in the chaos. And that's all on the job.

Just another day in the life when you kill dead things... 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50