Circle of Masters

A Siren's Call

Michelle Cary's Circle of Masters is a great story. Kinley has spent the last five years in an abusive relationship with Chad, or "the bastard" as he's referred to throughout the book. When our hero Landon first sees Kinley, she's being beaten cruelly and is in need of both medical and emotional care. Landon and his brother save her and run off her abuser. Thus begins a sweet love story that just happens to take place in the world of BDSM.

I really enjoyed this story. Chad is truly evil; Kinley is believable and likeable; and Landon is both a generous and kind friend and a sexy and strong dominant. With Landon's patient understanding, Kinley begins to heal and believe in herself again, even while Chad is planning her downfall. There is romance, friendship, and action, with some public sexing thrown in! I am happy to recommend this book, a very enjoyable read. 

Book Blurb for Circle of Masters

While surveying work on a new club he's opening, Landon Riker never expects to find a woman hanging, bloody, and in shock from being whipped by her so-called Master. He renders the woman aid, but days after the incident she still dominates his thoughts. After nearly dying at the hands of the man she's called Master, Kinley Ross knows if she stays he'll eventually kill her. With only one option she turns to the man who saved her. She knows nothing about Landon Riker other than he's willing to help her, but sometimes extenuating situations require a leap of faith.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50