Where There's Smoke

A Two to Tango Story

This story from Jayne Rylon is a bit different than most of the books I’ve read by her; this one has only one couple and could almost be called sweet. Kyana had her first crush on Logan, her best friend. Then, she went and spoiled a good thing by forcing a kiss on him. Logan ran and Kyana hasn’t seen him from the last 10 years. However, Logan didn’t run because he didn’t want Kyana, but because he wanted her too much. Now, they’ve both returned home and there is still an attraction between them. Logan still sees the same problem, he has nothing to offer Kyana; he doesn’t even have a job! And, Kyana not only has money she inherited but she’s a lawyer. Will pride stand in Logan’s way or can he put his away and purse the woman he’s always loved?

First, I love Ms. Rylon’s writing as she is able to engage her readers with her characters and their situations quickly. And, while I didn’t always like Logan, I could understand his motives and his responses though it sometimes took a few pages or chapters to learn why he did something. Kyana was much easier to like. Of course, who doesn’t love someone who saves an old man’s life while risking their own! But, this story is much more than a love story. There is someone setting fires and Kyana almost gets killed. Who is doing this and why?

For such a short story, the complexity of the plot was awesome and the romance mixed in with a mystery was terrific. The sexual scenes were caring and giving. (I said it could almost be called sweet!) But, don’t think that means that this isn’t a real adult romance because the sex is described in detail.

A wonderful story with great characters makes this story worth reading at least once, if not two or three times.

Book Blurb for Where There's Smoke

When old flames unite, the heat is on!

Kyana Brady never intended to return to small-town life in upstate New York, but reality doesn’t give a damn about plans. She dropped everything to care for her dying aunt. Now that Rose is gone, Kyana realizes something else has changed—her priorities. Her high-paid, higher-stress law career no longer holds any appeal.

While debating her future, an insomnia-driven stroll turns into a desperate dash to save Rose’s elderly friend, Benjamin, from his burning house. And he’s always believed one good turn deserves another. So the old man rewards Kyana’s bravery with a little meddling in her love life.

After Ben’s great-nephew Logan witnesses his childhood friend’s bravery on the news, he rushes home to help his uncle rebuild. But before his hammer hits the first nail, sparks are flying. The heat between him and Kyana melts old affection into a completely new—and combustible—relationship.

Before they have a chance to discover how hot their love will burn, another disaster threatens to separate them forever. After all, they say bad luck comes in threes…

Warning: A love affair that’s been ten years in the making is sure to be hot enough to scorch. And everyone knows, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50