Delta Heat, Book 2

Gus Taggart knew something was up when his friend, Mondo, gave him more money than usual to buy donuts for the guys at work. Gus didn’t mind buying the donuts, even though he got some looks while getting them as he was a cop. But, this new shop he was sent to, Cornucopia, is a lot fancier than Dunkin Donuts and a lot pinker too! Gus isn’t sure what is going on but he’s willing to play along.

Aislinn Darby is the owner of Cornucopia. She’s been warned by Mondo that he was sending over a friend that she might like. Gus may be big but he instinctively follows every command she gives him. Yes, Aislinn think she might enjoy playing with Gus.

Mondo is setting them up because Aislinn has be receiving some notes and gifts from a stalker. Gus may be submissive but he’s also a good cop and capable of protecting Aislinn.

Gus knows that he’ll be teased again from his dominant friends when he shows up to play with Aislinn at the local club but he doesn’t care. However, things don’t go exactly how Aislinn expected.

With attraction between Gus and Aislinn, can they figure out their relationship and figure out who is stalking Aislinn? Mindsets are going to have to change for that to happen.

This is the second book in Delilah Devlin’s Delta Heat series. The series is about a group of friends who happen to be cops. The characters from the first book are in this story also but you don’t have to read the first story to enjoy this one.

The character of Gus is fleshed out very well. You get his family history, how he met his friends, why he became a cop and pretty much his whole life. Though he’s not submissive at work, he’s more easy going, why he is submissive to Aislinn is also explained. His character feels very well rounded. Aislinn is not described as well as Gus. Some of her history as aspects are given but most are not. She’s a bit of a mystery. Yet, her emotions are expressed so you get to know her very well.

A lot of the story revolves around the BDSM scene. Aislinn as well as Gus and his friends are at least marginally involved in it, Aislinn and Mondo more than the others. Many of the sexual scenes include some BDSM elements. There is also a scene that includes some male on male elements though it is not a major part of the story.

There is also a scene with group sex between Aislinn, Gus, his friends and one of his friend’s finance. While this scene is very hot, I don’t think it added anything to the story. But, be warned, it is there.

I enjoyed this story. It had a couple of twists which made it very unique and kept my interest. For the most part, it came from Gus’s point of view which also made it fun to read. After all, how often are romance books written from the guy’s point a view and a submissive guy at that.

Though part of a series, it can definitely stand alone. It truly is a story about Gus and Aislinn and if you didn’t known it was part of a series, you might not even recognize that.

Though not terribly long, this story gives a good punch. Lots of hot sex, lots of sexy cops and a good plot make it a fantastic story. This would be a perfect lazy summer day story if you have a guy around to help when you get all hot and bothered.

And, now that I’ve found this series, I can’t wait to see whose story is next and to find the first one!

Book Blurb for Fournicopia

Forget the sugar. Send her the spice.

Gus Taggert knows a setup when he sees one. The doughnut shop his police officer buddies have sent him to, Cornucopia, is too frilly. Too pink. Then the woman behind the counter serves up a mini-lesson in submission that leaves him ready and willing to obey her order to see her tonight at La Forge BDSM club.

The large, burly cop is exactly the kind of alpha guy that newly minted Domme Aislinn Darby has been dying to tie up and spank. Yet after she puts him through his paces, she finds herself eager to let him take control—something she’s never before enjoyed with a man.

Determined to find out once and for all if she has what it takes to control a scene, she orders him up for one more go. Only this time, she intends to ensure he remembers who’s in charge. She’s even willing to offer a little bribe: accept her dictates, and his reward is her—any way he wants her.

Except when it’s time for payback, it comes with several twists she never saw coming.

Warning: When a male sub decides to turn the tables on his pretty Domme, he calls for backup from his best friends. Contains scenes with m/m/f, m/f/m, f/f, spanking, restraints, and an orgy of pleasure no woman can resist.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00