Edge of Daybreak

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Edge of Daybreak

Maggie Malone is on the run and desperate. She knows that if her father-in-law catches her, she's dead, just like her husband and possibly her sister. She's doing her best to hide her trail but bus tickets can be traced and she's not wanting that which is why when she sees a man obviously broke and frustrated at the garage with a car needing repairs, she approaches him with a deal. Maggie will fix the car if he will give her a ride to where ever he is going.

Logan Rydell has been out of prison for a couple of days and is down to $50. He's heading from AZ to MN to find out who framed him. He didn't plan on needing to repair the car he traded his $3000 watch for. When the woman from the bus stop approaches him, he can't believe his luck. He has no choice but to take her offer if he wants to get back on the road but he also can't take chances of getting pulled over by the cops. He knows she's running from something or someone. Does he dare take the chance?

It doesn't take long before Maggie realizes that her father-in-law is bribing people to help him. Can she get away? Can she trust Logan ? Will she have a choice?

Once again, Ms Hoffman has written and action packed suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This story has not one but two plots going on that end up as intertwined as her characters.

Maggie has changed her name and is running as fast and as far as she can from her in-laws. She has proof of illegal activity that will put all of them away from a very long time, if she can get it to someone not on their payroll! Logan was set up and sent to prison. He has a mental list of who it might have been and just about everyone is on it. He's not sure how he's going to figure out who did it but he going to try his hardest to find out..

As Maggie and Logan work their way across the country, they learn to trust each other and learn about each other. Logan doesn't want to tell Maggie too much, especially as she doesn't trust the cops and he's a former police detective. Logan doesn't want Maggie to know that he's just been released from prison. Unfortunately, Maggie makes up her own scenario which could cause problems later. With adrenaline pumping as they play cat and mouse with the in-laws, Maggie and Logan find it hard to not take their strange relationship to a closer level in bed. But, as some point, does it even matter?

Car chases, modern technology and more money to spend than you could ever imagine gives this suspense more of a thriller/action feel. Private jets are used to move the bad guys around and cell phones keep track of Maggie's movements. With all the high tech gadgetry given, the only thing missing was a cell phone charger! Of course, most chargers are universal but that small fact can be forgotten.

Add to all that, a long kept secret that will change Logan's life, a loving but slightly strange grandmother, a bad guy with a soft spot and lots of guns and you might have an idea of all the plot twists and turns. Every time things look like they might begin to calm down, something else pops up and instead of feeling forces or being just thrown in there, it feels possible and at times probable.

I really enjoyed this book. It kept my interest and had me wondering how all the loose ends were going to be tied up. Things weren't always as they seemed and kept me guessing. This is a terrific book to start off your summer, or pretty much any time.

Book Blurb for Edge of Daybreak


After her husband is murdered, Maggie Carpelli discovers her father-in-law may be involved in a multi-million dollar investment scheme. He’ll stop at nothing to prevent this information from getting into the wrong hands. He is out for blood…hers. She has to disappear without leaving a trail. The perfect escape presents itself in the form of a man-in-distress.


After spending two years in an Arizona prison, Logan Rydell is headed to Minnesota on a mission to clear his name. Trouble is, he’s low on funds and out of luck… until a classy lady appears and makes him an unbelievable offer.


Maggie puts her life in the hands of a ruggedly handsome stranger who has as many secrets as she does. Fighting a growing desire for her mysterious companion, Maggie keeps an eye on the rearview mirror, and Logan tries to understand why a once married woman can’t say the word sex out loud…and who is chasing her?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50