The Ocean Between

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The Ocean Between

Are you looking for a sweet, sexy sheik book to read? Add The Ocean Between to your list right now.
This is a tale of one high-powered western woman meets an all-powerful sheik and they find east can meet west…but it’s not easy. You will also learn to always read those documents that you sign or you could be signing away something very important to you.
Victoria Ballard has her future mapped out. She is going to adopt four children she has fallen in love with. Her day job is as a financial executive, but there is a hidden part to Victoria. When she has time she volunteers at the Applewood orphanage. She loves all of the children, but wants to make a place in her home for Talli, Breeze, Aaron and Emily. Talli and Breeze are sisters and Aaron and Emily are brother and sister. Victoria feels a connection with the orphanage not because she was an orphan herself, but because she lost her mother and brother in an accident. Her father never showed her the love she craved and she wants to be able to help these kids out…and give them the love she always wished she had had. But will her dream come to fruition? Maybe it will, but not in the way she had planned.
Victoria’s father is very ill with cancer. Jacob Ballard is a crafty man with money and many business interests. To protect one he has called on Sheik Rashid to help him out. Rashid is put between a rock and a hard place. Jacob wants Rashid to marry Victoria…but Victoria is never told this. Jacob craftily has her sign some forms while she is very busy. Low and behold those forms were more than just basic business documents. They were marriage forms and since marriage on paper is a business Victoria is now legally married because she didn’t read the information on the page she was signing. Will Victoria and Rashid find a love they never expected? Will the kids Victoria loves become part of their family?
The Ocean Between was a story to melt the heart. For readers like me, ones who love a great sheik book this is one to pick-up and savor. I really enjoyed the heroine Victoria. She was a strong woman with a very loving heart. I look forward to reading more emotionally thought provoking and memorable stories by Lynda Coker.

Book Blurb for The Ocean Between

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 240
Contemporary Champagne Rose
VICTORIA BALLARD, a New York financial executive, is one woman who considers men to be an unnecessary bother and annoyance. With her career on track, she focuses on the adoption of four beautiful orphans, a crowning completion of her well-designed life-plan. But, life is a nasty trickster, and it’s about to spring one on her. Unknown to Victoria, PRINCE RASHID DAVAR has just completed a marriage contract with her father. However, what the Prince does not realize is that it is easier to marry a woman than it is to control one. She may be his wife, but it will take a kidnapping, a battle of wills, and some desert heat of his own before he can claim her love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00