Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series #1

First Line:

There was one rule his kind honoured above all others: an owned human must never be touched by a vampire other than their master.


“Where is your master?” he whispered and turned towards her, his gaze on his hand where it held her wrist. The sight of his fingers locked around her, touching her at last, fascinated him. He had wanted this for so long that he couldn’t deny his desire for her. Even this simple touch was too much for him, filled him

with hunger and flooded his veins with the heat of passion.


Covet is the absolute hottest sexiest book Felicity Heaton has written yet! Normally known for her passionate and fast paced action, Covet is Ms. Heaton's first full throttle erotic romance and she has hit a home run! The first in her Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance series, Covet starts off with a smooth intro to the world of Lilah and Javier. Their attraction and desires for one another are forbidden in their world and have gone repressed for over two years. The fire pushing them closer to one another builds into a raging out of control burn that ends in them feeding their lusts in a highly erotic scene that left me wanting to read it more than once! And I did! This is where the story picks up pace and we are led into the whirlwind affair of forbidden love. I am a complete sucker for this theme and given the vampire hero's chivalry there was no stopping me falling for him as hard as the heroine did. Their desires know no bounds, leading us into an escalation of passion and fear. Fear of what Lilah's master will do once he realizes what they have done. Death is the punishment and Lilah's master is no kind-hearted man. When her master does show up, I could feel the pain and panic right along side Lilah. He belts out his anger on her human body before Javier could reach her. The author weaved in so much emotion that there was no way I could put down the book until I found out if Javier and Lilah would be killed for their transgressions in the eyes of his kind. Right when I thought I knew what was going to happen, I knew what turns and twists the author would take, I was left surprised with each turn of the page and the further I got into the story. I also feel the need to mention how the author expertly used the setting to give me another insight into the world of her vampires and to crank up the sensuality of the story.

Different to most, Felicity Heaton has written back in the blood lust and dark desires of these night creatures, giving the story an added layers of grit that I love in my paranormal romance books. She also gives readers a great sneak peak as to the next book's hero, Snow. A tortured soul that I can't wait to see how he gets his happily ever after. He showed to be a strong man with a heart, yet with an inner demon begging for finality. I get very excited just thinking about his story!

By the end of this longer-than-normal novella (a little 100 pages), Javier and Lilah's story is nicely pulled together while leaving a good mystery open for the next books to come!


Covet takes place in Vampireotique's, a theater in London. Sinful and erotic plays are performed by vampires and enthralled humans that will rock your imagination and tempt you to want more of the darker side of paranormal romance!


This is Felicity Heaton's first erotic romance and I found it sizzling hot! She captured the two main character's lust and desires perfectly with her attention to details that all erotic romance readers look for. As I've said in past reviews for Ms. Heaton's books, her work has climbed to the top of my must-read list! Her writing style focuses on the character's journey while giving her stories meat that a reader can bite into.

Last Thoughts:

I loved this novella and was able to finish it over the course of two nights. Believe me when I say it was hard to put down that first night! Felicity Heaton's first erotic story is one that shouldn't be missed and I am already counting the days until Crave, the second book in her Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance series hits digital shelves in March!

Book Blurb for Covet

They've burned for each other for two years, the forbidden attraction between them growing each night. Now resisting the sinful desires of their hearts is becoming impossible.

Javier knows better than to succumb to his hunger for Lilah. The mortal female belongs to a powerful aristocrat patron of Vampirerotique, the theatre he runs with three other vampires. A single touch is all it would take to break the sacred law of his kind, sentencing himself to death, but his passion for her has become too fierce to ignore and he will risk everything to make Lilah his.

Lilah has fought her desire for Javier since arriving at his theatre as a servant but each glance he has stolen, his eyes promising pleasure that will satisfy her longing for him, has chipped away at her defences and she can no longer deny her need and her forbidden feelings for the powerful vampire male.

When they find themselves alone in a private box during one of the erotic performances, will they surrender to their passion and live out their wildest fantasies in a night of wicked pleasure or will the threat of Lilah's master keep them apart forever?

Adults only--highly erotic vampire romance novella, contains light bondage

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50