The Sword of Kings

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The Sword of Kings

The Talisman War #2

The Sword of Kings was a fun, epic fantasy novel that grabbed my attention and didn't let go until I finished it. A story of betrayal, honor, mystery, and most of all, magic. Lorn, exiled from his kingdom by his brother. He offers his sword to Alec Mason, and put in charge of the Talisman of Unity. Lorn finds himself helping and fighting for the fairies and assists them in their wars against the evil undead. Through many battles against the undead, and the looming threat of a malevolent sorcerer, Lorn faces many challenges ahead.

Lorn is immediately likeable, and one of my favorite characters in The Sword of Kings. I love characters with a tragic past, and Lorn fits the bill. His personality is likeable and he is able to be both kind and bad-ass at the same time. The setting of the story, Eglak, is described with such passion and color and makes the world come to life. This is the second in the series, and it shows just as much power as if it was the first of the series. Some readers have thought it to be too familiar to other fantasy novels, but I really enjoyed reading page after page, wanting to figure out what would happen next to our hero. It is a very hard book to put down, and once you are sucked into it, the temptation to find out more keeps you in.

As any fan of epic fantasy knows, the genre itself can be sprawling and there are multiple characters that all end up tied together by the novel's conclusion. Jason Beil is able to do it with such a marvelous craft, that I believe he deserves to be amongst many of the famous epic fantasy writers, such a George R.R. Martin, Terry Brooks, and Ursula K. LeGuin. This wonderful story should not be missed, and I recommend it heartily to anyone that enjoys reading a well-written fantasy novel, whether you are a fantasy veteran or just starting out to explore the genre.

Book Blurb for The Sword of Kings

Lorn du Carren is the exiled Prince of Eglak, betrayed by his corrupt brother and cast out of his homeland for crimes he did not commit. Recently, Lorn has risen from despair and self-pity, taking up the sword to defend young Alec Mason and the Talisman of Unity from Salin Urdrokk's terrifying wrath. With Salin defeated and the Talisman safe, Lorn has found sanctuary and purpose in the realm of Faerie, where he aids the Fair Folk in their battle against the forces of darkness.

When he receives word that his brother Thorne is waging a futile war that has brought Eglak to the edge of ruin, Lorn resolves to return home to set matters aright. But as the war escalates, a sinister power grows in Thorne, a power somehow tied to the otherworldly weapon he wields, the Sword of Kings.

Meanwhile, a dangerous sorcerer escapes captivity and returns to threaten the people of Faerie. And an ancient curse grows in power, causing the living dead to spill forth from the tomb of Faryn-Gehnah. Is this strange convergence of events a coincidence, or is there a single dark will behind it? And can Lorn, Alec, and the heroes of Faerie do anything to stop it?

This is the second in a series, but it can stand on it's own.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00