Somewhere My Lass

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Somewhere My Lass

Somewhere My Lass was a wonderful time-travel romance. I enjoyed that the time-travel went from the past to 2009 and not the other way. It was interesting to see the heroine Mora a, Scottish young woman, deal with the huge changes of the more present time. It was also funny to. Mora was a feisty woman. Yet she was also a caring Scottish woman and I liked her attitude and how she got to know Neil. Neil was tough yet caring and I liked how he came to care and love Mora and their relationship. Also Fergus Neil's friend was cool and fun with him liking video games and the tech kind of stuff. He was funny yet caring and helpful to Neil and Mora.

The part of the plot with Calum was interesting to. The fighting was exciting. I enjoyed Neil fighting and finally winning against Macdonald. The action scenes were done well as were the romantic scenes. I really enjoyed this book.

Book Blurb for Somewhere My Lass

Fantasy Faery Rosebud

Rating: Sensual Page Count: 235

Neil MacKenzie's well ordered life turns to chaos when Mora Campbell shows up claiming he's her fiance from 1602 Scotland. Her avowal that she was chased to the future by clan chieftain, Red MacDonald, is utter nonsense, and Neil must convince her that she is just addled from a blow to her head--or so he believes until the MacDonald himself shows up wanting blood.

Mora knows the Neil of the future is truly her beloved Niall who disappeared from the past.  Although her kinsmen believe he's dead, and she is now destined to marry Niall's brother, she's convinced that if she and Neil return to the past, all will be right. The only problem is how to get back to 1602 before it's too late. 

The balance of the present and future are in peril if she marries another, and the Neil of the present will cease to exist.  An ancient relic and a few good friends in the future help pave the way back to the past, but will Mora and Neil be too late to save a love that began centuries before?


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.25