Words Get In the Way

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Words Get In the Way

Callie Wyeth returns home to the small New Hampshire town where she grew up hoping for a new start. She's without a job, broke and dealing with the diagnosis that her three year old son has autism. She's hoping with her father's help, she can get back on her feet. But fate has a way of messing with the best laid plans and soon Callie's not only dealing with her issues, but the failing health of her father as well.

Enter Linden Finch.

Linden has never stopped loving Callie, despite the break up during college that left him confused about what went wrong. When he runs into Callie and her son, Henry, at the hardware store he can tell there is more to Callie's situation than the rumors around town have stated. Soon Linden is offering up his babysitting services to Callie and forging a special relationship between himself, his animals and Henry. But he's also letting go of the past and hoping to push onto the future with the one woman who's captured his heart.

This was a very touching read. It displayed the struggles a parent would go through when dealing with any kind of diagnosis versus the question is the child simply acting out. Callie was overwhelmed and often times at the end of her rope with Henry. But it was Linden that was able to pick up on certain characteristics Henry displayed and help Callie understand her son a little bit better.

As the blurb to this book states, this is really a story about second chances. Both characters needed to let go of the past to move forward. Once they were able to let go, their futures seemed to fall right into place. It's heartwarming and at times gut-wrenching, but it's a book that makes you believe that with the right support you can do whatever you want.

Book Blurb for Words Get In the Way

From the author of The Gin & Chowder Club comes an exquisitely heartfelt and uplifting novel that explores the infinite reach of a mother's love--and the gift of second chances. . .

The modest ranch house where Callie Wyeth grew up looks just as she remembers it--right down to the well-worn sheets in the linen closet. But in the years since Callie lived here, almost everything else has changed. Her father, once indomitable, is in poor health. And Callie is a single mother with a beautiful little boy, Henry, who has just been diagnosed with autism.

Returning to this quiet New Hampshire community seems the best thing to do, for both her father and her son's sake. Even if it means facing Linden Finch, the one she loved and left for reasons she's sure he'll never forgive. Linden is stunned that Callie is back--and that she has a son. Yet in the warm, funny relationship that develops between Henry and Linden's menagerie of rescued farm animals, Callie begins to find hope. Not just that her son might break through the wall of silence separating him from the world, but that she too can make a new start amid the places and people that have never left her heart. . .

Praise for The Gin and Chowder Club

"Eloquent and surprising. . . I love this story of faith, love, and the lasting bonds of family." --Ann Leary, author of Outtakes from a Marriage

"Nostalgic and tender. . .summons the passion of first love, the pain of first loss, and the unbreakable bonds of family that help us survive both." --Marie Bostwick, New York Times bestselling author

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00