Marking Time

Trilogy, #2

Clare Harrington is still dealing with the aftermath of her accident and what she's lost. Kate Harrington is on her way to Nashville, hoping to obtain the music career she's always dreamed of.

Clare is still devastated not only from the aftermath of her accident, but also by the divorce from Jack Harrington and how much she's missed in her daughters lives. Deciding she needs to get away from everything she had with Jack, for a few months, Clare heads up to Vermont to oversee the remodel of her brother's vacation home. The gruff carpenter she hires grates on her nerves, despite his extreme hotness. But soon she finds a kindred soul in Aidan O'Malley. Aidan has had his own share of heartache, which has resulted in him withdrawing from just about everything for the past ten years. But something about Clare reawakens feelings Aidan thought were long dead. Along with refurbing her brother's house they both learn what it means to fall head over heels in love for a second time.

Kate Harrington is learning what it's like to really fall in love for the first time. On her own in Nashville she's determined to get her singing career off the ground on her own. The only help she'll take is the friendship from Reid Matthews and his son Ashton. But it doesn't take long for Reid and Kate to realize there is more to their relationship. While Reid has reservations about them starting anything, Kate pushes. Kate doesn't care what anyone beside themselves thinks of their relationship. But their secret soon gets out with devastating effects. To make matters worse, Kate learns that Reid may have interfered in her career which suddenly seems to be in overdrive.

Can these Harrington women have everything they've wanted with the men that won their hearts?

I loved Clare and Aidan's story. The two of them were absolutely perfect for each other. He loved her sass and she loved his grunts and gruffness. She taught him he still knew how to feel and take care of someone and he taught her how to trust in herself and a man again. Even at the end, you knew exactly how much the two of them meant to each other as soon as Aidan walked through those hospital doors. Their love story made me glad we never got to see exactly how happy she had been with Jack before, because it makes me think this truly was meant for her.

Kate and Reid's story was a little more complex and made me very sad. While most people would have an issue with this relationship, I truly thought the two of them truly loved each other. This clearly wasn't the case of an older man trying to get himself a trophy for his arm. He loved her and she brought so much to his life, while he gave her the support to grow and fly.

As with any Marie Force book, you are immediately immersed in this storyline and connect with the characters. Once you start, you are hard pressed to put this down and you're smiling or holding your breath through all their ups and down. Another excellent read!

Book Blurb for Marking Time

"Marking Time" continues the story begun in "Treading Water" as Clare Harrington begins a new life. She's considered a miracle, but everything that's happened since she recovered from a three-year coma has been something less than miraculous. Now left to grapple with the aftermath of a selfless decision, she is home from the hospital and trying to figure out what the next chapter in her miraculous recovery has in store for her. Meanwhile, her eighteen-year-old daughter Kate, a talented singer and songwriter, sets out to pursue her musical dreams in Nashville. Her parents have agreed to allow Kate to spend a year there, but they couldn't have anticipated Kate falling in love with a much older man. Her newly divorced parents are forced back together to confront their wayward daughter. Spanning from Newport, Rhode Island, to Nashville, Tennessee, to Stowe, Vermont, "Marking Time" is the story of new beginnings and new loves.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50