On the Hunt

EVERNIGHT BY GENA SHOWALTER--On the night of Rose Pascal's eighteenth birthday she gets the surprise of her life. One minute she is waiting for midnight in her bedroom and the next she is in a strange land, in the rain, being put in a cage by strange looking creatures. She is taken to a tent and released from the cage. There is a man in the tent with her. Vasili hunts the dimension walkers that come to his world. Usually he kills them, but there is something about Rose that draws him to her. He ends up binding her to him, so that when she comes back on her next birthday she will appear where ever he is. Vasili knows he must fight his attraction to Rose because his people will never accept a Walker in their lives.

THE COLLECTOR BY SHANNON K. BUTCHER--Viviana Rowan is a collector of artifacts, some more special than others. The ones that go into her private collection are the ones that call to her in a special way. Neal Ethan is a Theronai warrior who is looking for a special artifact that will heal his friend and he knows the Viviana has it. With his lifemark fading fast he needs to complete this last important quest. He never expects to find his lifemate is Viviana. Viviana has lived her life never fitting in with other people, always alone. Expect when she is with Neal then she in complete. This is a part of Ms. Butcher's Sentinel Wars series.

CRYSTAL SKULL BY JESSICA ANDERSEN--Archaeologist Natalie Albright is on a dig in the Mexican rain forest. When she finds a new ruin, Natalie has felt soemthing pulling her to this area. She knew there was something there but not what. When something strange happens to her inside of the cave she has no way to explain it. When the local people demand she shuts down her dig, she has only one person she can turn to for help, her ex-lover JT. JT is a Winikin but he believes all the Nightkeepers are dead and gone, so it is up to him to fight the demons. He is going to have to team up with Natalie to close the hellmouth for good. This is a part of Ms. Andersen's Nightkeeper series.

RED ANGEL BY DEIDRE KNIGHT-Sunny Renfroe is best friends with vampire Kate. They have been friends since they were ten years old. What Kate does not know about Sunny is that she is an angel sent to keep Kate safe from demons and hunters. Jamie Angel is the leader of the Nightshades, they hunt demons and monsters. Jamie knows that Sunny is not what she seems but nobody believes him. As he tries to find out what Sunny is he finds himself falling for her. Can a hunter and an angel find a love that can survive? This is part of Ms. Knight's Gods of Midnight series.

On the Hunt is a thrilling paranormal anthology. All the stories meshed well and provided glimpses into fascinating worlds that readers are sure to enjoy. Plus if you haven’t read these authors you get a nice view into what they write and the types of worlds they build. An anthology readers will treasure.

Book Blurb for On the Hunt

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Anderson, and Deidre Knight present a steamy collection of all-new novellas featuring sexy paranormal hunters.

With shadowy creatures, intoxicating magic, vivdly imagined worlds, and sizzling passion, this is an anthology no fan of paranormal romance will want to miss.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50