Bonded Souls

Shifting Bonds Prequel

This was a cute shifter romance. Jayda is just looking for a little fun and the sheriff is wondering what the stranger in his town is up to.  Cole was a hot wolf that was hooked on Jayda from the moment he saw her at the local bar hangout.

I like how Pierce took a hot hero and set his heroine up as a full figured curvy woman that was happy with her physical appearance and was comfortable going out for some hot sex.  The story had a few bumps and then settled in to a rhythm that made it a good read. My only complaint is that the author makes a few unflattering terms when she described the heroine's body in a pair of jeans.

All in all enjoyable and provided a nice few hours of distraction 

Book Blurb for Bonded Souls

Standalone PREQUEL to the Shifting Bonds series.

After finding out her boyfriend is married, veterinarian Jayda Kynslan decides to give up men. She has every intention of planting her feet firmly on the path of celibacy--right after one more night of shameless sex with a stranger. A vacation in Montana would certainly ease the pain of betrayal and offer her anonymity.

Police chief and wolf shifter council leader Cole Takoda needs a break from investigating the murders of shifters plaguing his town. When a beautiful stranger seduces him at the local tavern, it's more than a's uncontrollable desire. And Cole can't stand it. To top it off, their quickie becomes a revelation of shifter secrets and unfulfilled prophecies.

The discovery of a dead man in the forest behind Jayda's rented cabin thrusts her into a foreign world of animal shifters and murder, and the man she thought was only a casual diversion seems to be the only one willing to hear her side of the story. Jayda's just not sure if Cole's going to take her to jail--or his bed.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.50