To Love A Thief

[Jewels of the Night]

Cherie De Sues steals the breath from her readers in this action-packed romantic suspense story. From the beginning to the very end the characters are immersed in energy and adventure. Clarisse is a fascinating heroine; even as pieces of her personality are revealed she still remains quite enigmatic up until the very last paragraph.

Nick is a perfect leading man, so dashing, charming with an honorable and steadfast temperament. The attraction and the connection between these two was almost palatable and it was so interesting to see the "good" guy fall for the "bad" girl and just how this affected the feelings they had about themselves and each other. I do however wish that more of my questions had been answered about Clarisse's disposition by the end of the story; I just felt as if I didn't quite know where she really stood or what was going on inside her head and heart. I loved the supporting cast and I can't wait to read Gio's story, I swear I'm already in love with him. I mean he's sexy as all get out and he can cook. The descriptions of the settings were detailed, making me believe I was right there, without feeling like a guidebook. The premise of this story was not only entertaining but the plot had a great pace.

In Italy, Nick Corelli has been given the job of protecting the famous French Blue diamond for a friend. When the security expert arrives home one night he discovers a beautiful thief has stolen the priceless artifact right out of his brand new cutting edge safe. The indefinable Clarrise has intrigued him from the moment he first laid eyes on her and he finds himself aligning with her in order to catch some dangerous criminals and protect his own reputation.

Book Blurb for To Love A Thief

Pages: 81

When a beautiful thief steals the French Blue diamond from security expert Nick Corelli's personal Pandora safe, his only lead is the sensual minx who was his dinner companion just hours before.

But no one is who they pretend to be, as Nick learns when he discovers a gut-wrenching betrayal and forms an unlikely alliance with a family of thieves. Following more twists and turns than an Italian country road, Nick risks his own reputation and family business in the name of love.

Or is it? Once her family is safe, will the elusive Clarisse decide to vanish with both the diamond and his heart, leaving him behind amid the ruins? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00