Opposite Attraction

Judy Bagshaw investigates a supernatural connection with this paranormal romance.

Serena McKay is a strong, confident professional with a strong conviction and unswerving beliefs. Carter Shehan is a true charmer, just as self-assured as his opponent.

It’s no secret I love voluptuous heroines and Serena is one fantastic curvy lady! The humor and history in this story takes it beyond charming and I loved how staunch Carter is in his attraction to a woman who disagrees with his philosophies. Their interactions and conversations are amusing and engaging. The light paranormal aspect of this story would be a great start for those who have been weary of overloading on preternatural subject matter. This would also be a great read for fans of the many paranormal reality-shows on television. I am looking forward to reading more from this author as I love when I make a connection with the characters and I definitely did with this story.

A bit about the story:

Serena McKay is a well-respected parapsychologist who finds herself ensnared by renowned ghost hunter Carter Shehan. Their ongoing professional dispute escalates when Serena is challenged to prove who is correct on the actual existence of the paranormal at the haunted Shelbourne Manor. The drawback is she has to spend the weekend there with Carter and if the strange happenings aren’t enough to get her heart pumping faster her attraction to her sexy rival is.

Book Blurb for Opposite Attraction

Curvaceous parapsychologist Serena McKay is less than amused when she is publicly trapped by her longtime nemesis, world famous ghost hunter Carter Shehan, into accepting a professional challenge--spend a weekend with him at the allegedly haunted Shelbourne Manor to prove once and for all which of their theories on the reported strange activity in the house is correct. The winner gets bragging rights on The Lydia Crane talk show.

When a number of frightening phenomena occur that drive Serena into Carter's arms from fear, that fear quickly turns to passion. Serena soon finds that her interest in the scientific exercise is overshadowed by her growing attraction to the sexy and very likable Carter. (98 pages)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50