Love By Proxy

Julie Schriver paints a beautiful story with this romantic ghost tale. Gwen is such a sympathetic character but she doesn’t lack gumption. She has a fiery temper and jumps to conclusions when it comes to her sexy new neighbour. She also has a tender heart and a profound artistic ability. Her past goes far in explaining her personality and she makes for an interesting leading lady. Evan Thorpe is a hero with layers to his personality some that are rather surprising and were fun to discover. The chemistry between these two is exceptional and it was fun to see how Gwen dealt with her unwanted attraction. Rose is a fabulous character and I appreciate how much she evolved from the start of this story to the end. I enjoyed the setting of this story and the descriptions go a long way in explaining why Gwen finds Colorado so peaceful, it has now made it on to my places to visit list.

Gwen Landon has a unique gift that hasn’t always been easy to live with but she’s put her painful past behind her and has found a way to cope with the fact she sees and speaks with dead people. Evan Thorpe starts off on the wrong foot with Gwen and no matter how hard he tries to straighten things out he keeps getting more tangled up. The ghost of saloon girl Rose is determined to bring the two together but can even she overcome the obstacles?

Book Blurb for Love By Proxy

Gwen Landon's ability to see and converse with souls that have passed from this life has brought her nothing but pain, fear, and sorrow. She has left her scarred childhood behind and made a new life for herself in beautiful Colorado.

Working as an artist with her own small shop in a small town, she lives in an old farmhouse in the country with no neighbors and just an old soul named Rose to keep her company. Rose is a saloon girl from the 1800s tragically killed by a stray bullet meant for someone else.

She is finally happy, but her idyllic life is threatened when Evan Thorpe, a residential developer, barges his way into her little bubble of peace. He wants to build a huge subdivision that will draw hundreds of people to the land directly behind her home, and more people means more spirits she will have to avoid.

She has to find a way to stop him from placing those cookie cutter houses onto the unblemished land, otherwise her world is going to be turned upside down.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00