Divine Deception

Nina Pierce gives her readers a steamy short story with a suspenseful surprise. With this lusty offering we get not one but two virile Gardin males to satisfy our longing for raw sexual encounters loaded with emotion. Both Nicholas Senior and Junior are fascinating men and the women in their life are wonderfully matched with them. I'm a big fan of a couple with a powerful connection that leads them to bickering in order to stop them from devouring each other every time they come into close contact. Nick and Frankie have an amazing chemistry whether they are using their mouths to argue or for other more pleasurable activities. Both are interesting individuals with their own agendas yet neither of them could plan for the upheaval their attraction to one another causes. Each and every character in this story was well developed and added to the plot. The emotions in this story are extensive and run the gamut from sorrow, guilt, anger, joy and hatred. The location itself is almost a character and Ms. Pierce brings it to life, I could almost smell the dirt and taste the wine. This author is one of my must-reads and this story showcases the talent that put her there.

Nicholas Gardin IV returns to the family vineyard he walked away from years ago. He wants nothing to do with his father and step-mother or his step mother's young daughter. Francesca has used her studies to help improve the family's wine production and she resents that the heir is returning to restore everything she has worked for. Things are not what they seem and the two will have to band together in order to get answers.

Book Blurb for Divine Deception

Nicholas is returning to the family vineyard after nearly a decade away. A quick trip to the lawyer to collect the trust fund that-s rightfully his and he can wash his hands of the alcoholic father who disowned him years ago. A romp or two with the cellarmaster-s assistant shouldn-t complicate things. Francesca has given her heart and soul to Mill Tavern Vineyards, working tirelessly in its wine cellars. Now the greedy son of her stepfather is coming home to take it all from her. Manipulating her way into the playboy-s bed may be the only way to save her home.But hot sex quickly becomes an affair of the heart as Francesca and Nick get tangled in lies and deceit trying to discover the truth behind the failing vineyard.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00