Cairo Nights

Sandra Sookoo transports readers to a place and time that has always held fascination for so many. The author expressed a long-time love affair with historical Egypt and I must say I have always been in awe of the wonders this mysterious place has to offer. It is the perfect setting for this adventure and the couple who take it. I love how multi-layered Joy is. She is a heroine truly deserving of the title. She is so complicated yet so simple in her wants and desires and I loved watching her bloom under Quinn’s attention and lack of restrictions. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she was a modern woman transplanted to that time as her opinions and ideas seemed very contemporary. I’m a complete sucker for a sexy rogue who wears glasses, there is just something about the mixture of bad boy and nerd that gets to me and Quinn is the perfect blend of these. I love how we get glimpses into his background and how his character is revealed. This is a fantastic, sexy adventure with just the right mixture of culture and history and proves this author can write for practically any genre.

Book Blurb for Cairo Nights

Joy Debinham, daughter of an English missionary, hides a secret heartache while working with Egypt's poverty stricken. As she attempts to save the children from easily curable diseases, she has another interest—keeping Egypt's treasures in the country. But the arrival of Quinn ignites her banked passion and becomes the obsession that might put her life in danger.

Quinn Handry, an enterprising American from humble roots, has come to Egypt for one reason—the money. He's done many things for a buck, but brokering stolen antiquities is the most lucrative. In order to reclaim what he lost years ago, he's always on the hunt for treasures until the day he meets Joy and everything dims compared to the desire she invokes in him.

During perfumed Egyptian nights, the heat between them flares while acquaintances conspire to destroy them. Danger doesn't stay confined to tombs and pushes them to finally realize what matters most—if they can live long enough to claim it.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00