The Bodyguards' Princess

Surviving an attempted kidnapping by a terrorist group known only as the anarchists, Lalita Chetana is having a hard time dealing with her recovery. Her father, a United Nations Diplomat known as The Sanjit, takes matters into his own hands by hiring two bodyguards to protect her - Asher Epson and Kent Warne.

Hypnotized into stealing UN secrets from her father's computer, Lalita, is now wanted by the law. Planning to humiliate her and break her father, they've planted a hypnotic trigger which will make her aroused to the point of pain every time she hears the word "bitch". Fleeing with Asher and Kent and forced into hiding, the men are unable to hide their real feelings from her. Especially when her trigger is hit and they have to help her through her sexual ordeal.

The Bodyguard's Princess by Ann Mayburn is a scorching hot BDSM short story with a suspense subplot. The characters are intriguing, the dialogue is sharp and the action is well paced. I was also impressed with how Ms. Mayburn incorporated the different elements of the story; the suspense and mystery of the terrorist's goals, the BDSM elements of Lalita, Asher and Kent's relationship and the love which will drive all three main characters into a permanent m‚nage.

Lalita Chetana is a young Indian woman who's lived in the United States since her early teens. While some people might consider her spoiled, she had a difficult adolescence due to events in her past and never fit in with the "in crowd" at school. Luckily for her she was embraced by the "Goth" girls at school and is into the life. An attempted kidnapping at a Goth club destroys the trust Lalita has built over the years; both towards others and in herself. She's terrified of going out in public and has pretty much become a house prisoner in her father's home. When her father hires two bodyguards for her she doesn't object and actually embraces the additional self-defense training they give her. Ms. Mayburn did a good job developing Lalita; while she may have access to money and the best things in life, it comes with a steep price and like many women she's insecure about her image; she doesn't fit the tall, svelte, blonde and blue eyed woman idolized on magazine covers. She never thought she'd fall in love with both of her bodyguards.

Asher Epson and Kent Warne are both Alpha males who have a special relationship and bond forged from years of working together. They also share an emotional bond forged as a result of a tragic event in both their pasts. Both men are tall, muscular and well built and have spent time in the military. Freelance bodyguards they have no problems agreeing to guard Lalita from the anarchist terrorists; they just didn't realize they would need to guard her from themselves. Both men are attracted to her physically and emotionally, though they really work at keeping their distance and work at keeping things on a professional level. They never expected her to fall for both of them or to strengthen the bond they feel for each other.

The scenes between Lalita, Asher and Kent are well done; they have great verbal and physical chemistry. They're also incredibly attracted to each other. Circumstances force Asher and Kent into fleeing with Lalita to keep her safe. It's while they are on the run that all three characters are forced into giving into their attraction. Ms. Mayburn did a really good job of increasing the sexual tension gradually from the start of the story so when the three characters finally come together - the scene is incredibly hot and very enjoyable. While Asher and Kent are great at dodging bullets and keeping Lalita safe, they do have some emotional issues to work through because of being Alpha males used to being in control. Mixing three dominant personalities in a relationship requires a lot of give and take - something both Asher and Kent have problems handling. Luckily Lalita is willing to help "her men" work through their issues.

The secondary characters in this story are not as well developed as I would have liked; especially Lalita's father, The SanJit, who we never really meet - he does make an occasional off scene appearance which is relayed via one of the central characters but I would have enjoyed a different approach with his character. The main "anarchists" are also not as well developed as I would have liked- we never really understand their political position or what Lalita's father has done which has made him and Lalita their target.

The end of the story is full of action and suspense when Lalita is separated from her men. Luckily with the help of two secondary characters, who are a part of Asher, Kent and The Sanjit's plan to prove Lalita's innocence, Lalita is able to face the anarchists on her own. She will be forced to figure out a way to prevent their newest plan, which will make her look even more guilty, from success, Will Lalita be able ruin the anarchists plans and be able to save thousands of innocent victims? And will she be able to prove her innocence and get back together with her two men? You'll have to read The Bodyguard's Princess to find out, I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

Book Blurb for The Bodyguards' Princess

Lalita Chetana, daughter of a United Nations Diplomat, survives an attempted kidnapping by a terrorist group known as the anarchists. She has a difficult time with her recovery, and her father hires two bodyguards--Asher Epson and Kent Warne.

Hypnotized into stealing UN secrets, she is framed by the anarchists. As part of their plan to humiliate and break her father, they plant a hypnotic trigger that anytime she hears the word “bitch” she will become aroused to the point of pain. She is forced to flee and go into hiding with Asher and Kent. The men become unable to hide their real feelings for her after her trigger is hit, and they have to relieve her of her sexual torment.

Contains: This book contains hot, dominant men who will do anything to please their lady including light bondage, spanking, public caning, and decadent ménages. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00