Burning Touch

Burning Touch is a romantic suspense that will keep you intrigued from beginning to end!

Devon has trust issues with men, therefore, keeps her emotions out of her "relationships". Ben has an ex, but doesn't let that keep him from wanting to get involved with Devon. When they get together, the sparks fly immediately but Devon won't let it be for more than one night.until she finds out he's her new neighbor.

Once Devon's clients start dying, she really wants to keep Ben at a distance, but he decides to keep her close. Should Ben trust her? Should she trust him? The events that proceed throughout Burning Touch will keep you totally engrossed and keep the pages flying by. I love a little suspense mixed in with my romance and if you enjoy that too, you're gonna love this book!

Burning Touch is well-written and the characters will keep you interested without any problem. So will the sex (lol)! You're gonna love this one by Ms. Daniels and I'm betting you'll be wanting to read all her books! Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Burning Touch

When Devon Wise’s massage clients start turning up dead, she reluctantly leans on the sexy guy next door to help her clear her name. Having lost her parents at an early age, she doesn’t trust that anyone she cares about will stick around. Devon never lets her feelings get involved, keeping everyone at arm’s length. But after their first sizzling night, she can’t get enough.

Real estate investor Ben Stafford can’t keep his mind—or his hands—off the earthy beauty who happens to be his new neighbor. When the bodies begin piling up, he wonders if she’s as innocent as she claims or if he’s been spending all those lust-filled nights with a killer. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00