The Soldier and The State Trooper

The Soldier and the State Trooper was a story I really enjoyed reading as it was, for me, a story of love, "handling things", issues facing couples that are split apart due to overseas duty and how they must handle the time spent apart, and all of this is infused with a little bit of humor in the form of Christie's best friend, who happens to be a ghost.

I liked the way Ms. Noel wrote about these issues and the feelings each of the characters have about what they experience - the loneliness, the danger, the loss of Christie's friend to an accident, being parents to a small child and what almost happens (and how it looks like) between Christie and Evans while overseas.

I think that the only way in which I found the story wanting a small bit is how Christie's nightmares after he came back from overseas and slight tendency to tune things out at times was handled - especially between Robert and himself. The tuning out was partially explained, but I would still have liked to see more about both issues in the story.

I do look forward to reading more from Ms. Noel in the future.

Book Blurb for The Soldier and The State Trooper

Career soldier Christie Collins figured out early that love could be lost in the blink of an eye, leaving an empty place that was just another pothole on life's rocky road. The detours of sudden single fatherhood and a nosy best friend who won't let even death stop her from interfering in every date leave Christie convinced that finding a partner is next to impossible.

State Trooper Robert Lindstrom catches Christie speeding along the stretch of highway he patrols and a routine traffic stop turns into love lights flashing and instant attraction for these two men in uniform. It looks like smooth sailing to their happily ever after until an unexpected deployment sends Christie into danger. Can their love survive both bombs and the betrayal of Christie by his closest comrade?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50