Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll

For me, Home was a very nice read. It is a story of expectations, priorities, and coming home (in more ways than one).

When Sam Callahan comes home from the war he not only has his own demons to fight, but is further constrained by what is expected of him. But is that what he really wants? Poppy also has expectations placed on her, but, again, those expectations may not fully mesh with what she may want. Could the expectations that divide them be re-prioritized and changed so that everything works out?

I really liked how Ms. Rhose wrote the story and the characters. Both Sam and Poppy were...approachable...as characters and I liked how their backgrounds - and their doubts about their circumstances (past and present) - were handled.

I look forward to reading more stories by Ms. Rhose.

Book Blurb for Home

What could a gypsy and a Vietnam veteran have in common?

Silvertown's outcast, Poppy Tippen, has loved football hero Sam "The Force" Callahan forever. But he never seemed to know she was alive. Now he's home from the war and she suddenly finds herself comforting him from the demons of "that damn war." Is his attention merely an escape from the haunting nightmares? Or does she hold the interest of the only man she's ever truly loved?

Sam Callahan's only solace from the war nightmares wrecking his life comes in the unlikely form of a gypsy girl with stigmas of her own. He's known Poppy his entire life, but there's something different about her now. Something special he desperately wants to hold on to. Can he convince her she's the only thing he needs to put the past behind him?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00