Eye of Scota: Cin ed

Cin ed MacAlpin is sent by the head priest of D lriata for the Sl…nach Stones. While there he finds more than he expected in the form of Tadeo Banderas, a stranded space ship captain.

What follows is an interesting journey for both. Tadeo has self-assurance even as he is looking for something new in his life. Especially since he doesn't always follow the rules instituted by the Solar Exploration Fleet. Cin ed, meanwhile, has lived his life in a society ruled by restrictions that make his feelings and inclinations something that would be harshly punished.

Will either one be willing to take a chance? Even for a chance to be able to save more people on D lriata?

I really enjoyed reading the book because it talks about taking chances, doing things way out of the characters' comfort zones and standing up for yourself and doing what's right (even if others may not agree).

Lovely read.

Book Blurb for Eye of Scota: Cin ed

Worried that his planet is slipping into moral decay, the High Priest of Dálriata sends a healer priest to retrieve more magical Slànach Stones, the Council of Priests’ quickly dwindling source of power. Cináed MacAlpin agrees to undertake the quest despite his misgivings, hoping a successful mission will relieve the pressure upon him to heal only the “worthy.”

But finding the Stones is no simple task. Cináed must travel to the mystical Eye of Scota, a passageway through space that leads back to Earth, and the supposed source of the Stones. There he meets Tadeo Banderas, a spaceship captain marooned at the Eye. They discover that the spark of energy between them may hold the key to Dálriata’s future.

Does Cináed have the courage to bring home the truth that the power to save his world is found in forgotten laws and his bond with another man?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00