Devotion 2

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Devotion 2

Reading Devotion 2 was better than the first installment.

As much as I loved reading Devotion, what made Devotion 2 better for me is seeing Slade and Reeve grow.

While Slade can, and does, come off as coldly arrogant - after all, it is part and parcel of his nature - his tunnel vision comes to bite him in the backside a bit when he finds out a some more about Reeve.....after Reeve walks away for what may really be the last time.

Seeing how Reeve spiraled out of control due to the different things going on in his life was very sad to read, but I believe necessary for both him and Slade.

It was seeing Reeve climb out of 'the pit' and seeing how the relationship between himself and Slade was rebuilt - much stronger - that was a real treat to read.

Book Blurb for Devotion 2

Reeve Taylor has hit his prime. Outwardly, he's physically fit--actually in the best shape of his life. He's got a great career, he came up smelling of roses after the invasion, his subordinates worship the ground he walks on and his lover's an attractive man with political clout. Life seems to be a fairytale, just perfect. What more could anyone want?

The sharpshooter's never measured success by money or an occupation, but instead by personal aspirations. Reeve wants it all--the kids, the house and the white picket fence. Driven by an insatiable need and tired of living in Slade's shadow, he begins to demand more out of their relationship than the swordsman is capable or perhaps willing to give.

Slade has walked this path before with the arguments and grief. He assumes Reeve's midlife crisis is just a blip, but it quickly becomes apparent this time his lover has crossed the line, alcohol, deceit and possible infidelity threaten the life they share. The sharpshooter's in trouble, his life's spiralling out of control. But can Slade forget the past and forgive him before it's too late? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50